Shades of Shadora

Across The Chasm

After clearing the bridge of enemies the party meet to plan. Seeing that the bridge was the

only way into or out of the lower depths the decision was made to lower the portcullises on both
ends. Further Trish, Walaac, and Ellisandra would guard the crossing for a period to be
determined by Trish, just to ensure no stragglers showed up to block our path out of the volcano.
The others moved down the path with Simon taking Walaac’s normal position as scout. Creeping
along the cavern lead to a corner that lead to a crude shrine area. Around the corner Simon spied
a gray sashed Lazuri tending four shrines to the fire gods. Simon crept back to the party and
brought Grimclaw and Susi forward as back-up. Once back he leapt upon the Lazuri priest cutting
him down. The new chamber had three exits, a hole leading down and tunnels heading to the left
and right. Fess identified the tunnels, the one to the right lead to the hazardous duty area
while the one to the left lead to the discipline area. He had no clue on where the hole lead. The
hole seemed less used although there were some ropes rigged; Simon reasoned that perhaps the hole
was a back entrance to the discipline area and one that would be likely less well guarded. They
descended the hole without difficulty, Susi gently floating down on spread wings. The passage of
worked stone at the bottom lead to a lava lake. At one time bridges had spanned the lake between
small isles above the lava, on the far side of the chamber was an exit. Susi and Simon decided to
brave the blasts of heat and as they make their way across swarms of lava bats formed and
attached them. From the path Prospero was able to destroy one of the swarms and although annoying
both Susi and Simon avoided any injury and made the final jump/glide to the opening. At the
portal awaiting them were two leering flame skulls. Unguarded back door indeed thought Simon and
he and Susi crushed the two skulls. Susi and Simon moved quickly down passage, the Lava Bat
swarms remained over the lake of lava.
Down around a corner they encountered a door with Fire Speech writing. Simon read it as Tomb
of the Fallen Heroes of Lazur. With a kick the door was opened. Within was a large room with many
stone tombs. Simon cautiously moved into the room and advised Susi to remain by the door, using
bow fire to provide Simon with cover if necessary. Unfortunately Susi’s eyesight was hindered by
the darkness. Susi moved into the room to light a sconce mounted torch. As the torch sputtered
into light the tombs defenses started to move. Stone tomb lids slide off and Lazuri zombies began
to rise. A giant black slime dropped just missing Simon. A quick swipe of his katana cut it in
two; Simon looked in horror as his katana’s shinning blade dissolved before his eyes. Quickly
recovering he pummeled both slimes with his flail destroying them. In the meantime Suse had
started battle with the six zombies that had arisen. Weird shadows danced as Simon and Susi
destroyed the zombies. Once done they hurriedly searched the tombs within reach. They avoided the
many fungus and spores that were littered everywhere.
Hearing more shuffling in the back of the chamber they took what they hand found and fled
back to the lake of lava. With nary a pause they flew across, surprising the many lava bat swarms
circling about. They made the far exit and escaped up the hole rejoining Prospero and the others.
Since the detour hadn’t worked the team decided to rescue Mr. Rackum, the left hand tunnel was
As they advanced they heard screams ahead and encountered red sashed Lazuri guards.
The treasures found in the Tomb were put to good use. Susi tossed the spiked ball which grew huge
and rolled around smashing our foes. Simon grabbed the superb javelin from Susi and tossed it, it
passed through two of the Lazuri before returning to his hand. A battle line formed with Brine,
Susi, and Simon facing the Lazuri. A sorcerer appeared with a pack of berserk lizard demons that
joined the fray. The sorcerer exchanged spells with Prospero, a failed spell caused him to flinch
and he was quickly crushed by the pouncing Grimclaw. Viewing past the final corner before the
torture chamber Grimclaw saw a second sorcerer and a final red sash Lazuri. Feeling out matched
he bounded back to the main group pouncing on the Lazuri blocking the parties advance. The final
Lazuri raced around the corner and was quickly cut down. The second sorcerer was nowhere to be
found. Mr. Rackum was tied to a table, Simon shouted for Ellisandra and fumbled with a potion but
he was beyond help. Before he died he spoke telling Simon of Lord Igmar and making him swear to
save the other officers and men. As Rackum died Simon swore to Bander to free the others and
avenge all who had died at the Lazuri’s hand.

A quick tour of the cell block seeking for the sorcerer or anything of use turned up a caged

sailor. He claimed to be a Captain. Simon freed him and asked him along, if he turned out to be
an enemy he would die quickly enough. The captain went to a hidden cache and armed himself with a
Cutlass and two dwarven pistols. With haste the party returned to the room of four shrines.


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