Shades of Shadora

Climbing the Overwatch

The team started the Overwatch climb. Like the ten thousand
steps it was long and tiring. Lashaur lead the party by twenty
meters watching for enemies. For several hours there was no
movement and little change of scenery. Steady upward trudging
was the rule. As the party rounded a corner they were greeted
by a grim totem of two giant skulls held up by broken spears.
Ahead was Lashaur creeping forward to investigate a huge pile of
bones. To Lashaur’s left was a tunnel entrance, to the right
near the bone pile a circular pit three meters across. As
Lashaur entered the bone pile he bumped a long bone likely from
a horse, it fell causing a small avalanche of bones around him.
Movement from the wall above Lashaur drew everyone’s sight, a
green Wyvren was looking down on Lashaur from above. It raised
its head and let out a shriek.
Lashaur grabbed a handful of arrows and smashed a vial of
Dragon’s Bane over them. Simon rushed forward and threw his
spear doing a glancing blow off the Wyvern’s head. Prospero
prepared a bolt spell but something when wrong, blasted off the
ground he landed stunned in rough terrain four meters above the
party. Almost immediately he was confronted by a second Wyvren,
this one had a chain-mail clad rider sporting a flail. The
Wyvern above Lashaur let out a blast of flame that he deftly
dodged. Roku gazed into his Orb, Tenk moved, Dane fired a bolt
that skipped off tough Wyvern hide. Arghmon cast a blast of fire
on Prospero’s opponent but something went wrong, the blast
incinerated an unoccupied part of the mountain. Trish moved
forward to find an opponent.
Prospero quickly slashed his Wyvern opponent, to no effect.
Roku deftly climbed up engaging the Wyvern near Prospero, his
slash glanced off the beasts tail. The Wyvern snapped at Prospero
who countered wounding it. It’s tail swung at Roku but was
blocked, the rider looked at Prospero and opened his mouth
breathing fire which was deftly dodged. A fourth Wyvern emerged
from the cave engaging Simon and Trish, Simon launched his spear
at the one above Lashaur this time wounding it, Trish slashed. A
fifth Red Wyvern climbed from the pit to attack Lashaur on the
ground. Even as Wyvern reinforcements continue to arrive the
party gained the upper hand. The two Wyverns on the ledge were
felled, the grounded ones near Trish and Lashaur did not last
much longer. Dane and Lashaur held good positions, loosing venom
coated arrows into the Wyvern’s and cultists. Two more Red’s landed
carrying three cultists each but it was already to late for them.
Arghmon’s cursed wand summoned a swarm of ghosts that forced three
cultists to the edge, Prospero’s blast collapsed it from under them
sending them to their death. Simon disabled one of the cultists,
leaving a prisoner. In a last desperate bid the last cultist ran
and jumped from the cliff, sprouting wings and gliding away. The
Wizard’s, Dane, and Simon all fired at him but it was an arrow
from Lashaur’s bow that drove him into the ground.
The prisoner was tied and the battle ground policed, four
Wyvern nests were found each with three to six eggs. These were
smashed, Lashaur found an old chain-mail coat in the bone pile
and packed it away. Simon began questioning the prisoner. He was
cooperative and helpful. He described in detail how they had
taken the Overwatch, its communication and spying apparatus, and
how he had aided in the torture of the Bander Priests that had
tended the equipment. A few of the Bander Priests survived and
were imprisoned within the temple.The Nyan temple had been
replaced by a temple to Hyalorm the Queen of Wyrms. He told
of a force of dozens of Cultists and Wyverns. Ahead on the trail
there was a steep stair cut into the mountain that lead to the
summit and the temple. The stair was exposed and with the
mobility of the Wyverns anyone on it would be subject to attacks
from the air above below and the sides. The climb would take over
an hour and sounded like suicide. The psuedo-dragons and cultists
also had night vision so darkness would not cloak us. Once all
the questions had been answered Simon took to the pit lifted
him and tossed him into the wall. He fell the thirty meters
landing in the Wyven’s nest at the bottom.
After two further hours of hiking the party reached the stair.
The party agreed that climbing them would be suicide and so
discussed possible other options. Trish suggested that Prospero
tunnel to the top, Prospero could summon a gnome but it would take
weeks to tunnel to the top. Simon recalled a time when the party
had been pursued by Dwarves riding gnomes, and he had a bound
Gnome from the Earth Temple. A plan was devised, Simon would order
his Gnome to carry four of the team to the top. Trish, Prospero,
Lashaur, Roku, and Telpurr would be carried by the Gnome. Once they
had reached the temple Telpurr would signal Simon through their
linkage and Simon would teleport to his location with Arghmon and
Tenk. Grimclaw and Dane would remain at the base of the stairs and
wait for a signal from Prospero to start up. The party executed the
plan, Simon released the Gnome, and ordered it “Take these four
safely to the top of the stairs and the Temple beyond.” The Gnome
in a huff seized them up and disappeared into the Earth. Simon,
Arghmon, and Tenk started up the stairs to divert the attention of
the temple and its watchers.
When the four arrived the Gnome released them in a darkened
chamber, “Normally I would kill you for this insult but today I
release you and depart.” He quickly dissolved into the ground,
Prospero realized their error, and queried Lashaur, “Has your Rune
Link severed?”, “Yes” was his immediate reply. Within the temple
Telpur’s link to Simon would be blocked, there was no way to summon
them. The team heard voices and Roku quickly cast invisibility on
himself and investigated. A heavy voice, a Lazur voice was speaking
to two cultists about the incursion down the mountain. They were
overconfident saying none had returned and the problem was solved,
the Lazur demanded confirmation. Roku quickly returned and with a
whispered warning to the party, Prospero quickly cast invisibility
on Trish, Lashaur moved around the corner out of sight seeing light
in the other direction. The two came around the corner and spotted
Prospero who inquired after the nearest tavern, as the pair drew
their weapons Roku ran one through and Trish cut down the second.
Roku reported a Lazur and a Wyvern around the corner to rimnward.
Lashaur crept around a corner spinward and spotted a barracks area,
he reported ten cultists and two Lazur. With no idea of the
direction to the entrance the party was trapped. Lashaur spied a
small tunnel three meters above above party. With Roku’s help
Lashaur climbed to the crevice and crept along. Around a corner
was a Wyvern nest with a Green faced away from him. Roku and
Prospero joined him in the old lava tube. Lashaur sent two arrows
into the Wyvern killing it, with Roku’s silence spell on the first
arrow it died without a disturbance. The far side of the nest
looked down into the barracks Lashaur had spotted. A new plan was


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