Shades of Shadora

Deeper into the cave

At the end of the large underground cavern was a dark cave with narrow openings. Colby went ahead to scout the area, intending to mark targets for Susi’s bow. He quickly came upon wolves guarding where the cave forked. He dropped a glowing coin and waited while arrows pelted the wolves.

While the wolves were distracted Colby went deeper into the tunnels and was soon greeted by goblin archers. Prospero and Simon quickly followed Colby’s advance and using the jutting rocks for cover quickly reached the archers and cut them down.

Susi and Brine became pinned down at the entrance to the tunnels when more of the winged ghouls swooped in from behind. They held their own and soon managed to drive off the ghouls and make their way into the tunnels following the others.

Simon, Prospero, and Colby had already made their way through several chambers of goblins and were chasing down the goblin prince shouting orders to the others. Simon had gone off alone to the rimward, while Colby and Prospero chose the coreward passages.

Suddenly all of them were set upon by new cave denizens, who lurked in the shadowy ceilings and dropped down in ambushes. These lurkers were easily frightened off, clearly unused to prey that would fight back.

Once this challenge was overcome Colby and Prospero finally engaged the goblin prince. After an exchange of blows he fled deeper underground. Colby ran after him and caught him just as he reached more reinforcements. Prospero brought up his golems pinning down the prince and quickly finishing him off.

Just as the prince was brought down Simon entered the chamber from another passage and finished off the remainder of the goblins. Once the fight is over Simon summons up Telpur to heal wounds, while Prospero searches the prince’s corpse. He finds a runed shield which Susi makes use of.


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