Shades of Shadora

Discovering the ritual

The party pushed on deeper into the cave. Not much further they stumbled upon another guard post of the goblins. They spread there number on both sides of a canyon, among their number were some dwarves with muskets.

When Simon leapt over the canyon a tentacled creature reached from the depths to entangle him. Susi put a few arrows in the beast and it released Simon.

Just as the goblins were being driven back reinforcements came charging in from one of the side passages crying vengeance for their slain prince. Prospero’s magic blasted them as they emerged en masse from the tunnel.

Simon began to explore deeper into the cave while the rest of the party finished off the remaining enemies. He came across a solitary goblin banging a gong as it quickly ran down a set of spiral stairs down a dark hole. Simon used a spell to knock it from the steps and send it tumbling down the hole into the darkness.

The party climbs down the stairs. At the bottom is a tunnel with flickering light at the end. It leads to a massive chamber where a large group of wizards is performing a ritual. They are grouped around an altar inside of a intricately drawn circle. Among then are the missing sailors chained to stone pillars.

Prospero says this is something he read about in the hexilexicon. That chaos book described a series of rituals that will create a new element. The vile chaos sorcerers intend for this new element be chaos. This looks to be one of those ceremonies.

The group hastily forms a plans and sets it into action. Susi flies over and drops the battle ball onto them, while Simon grabs Colby and teleports near to the sailors. The party tries to make quick work of the wizards while distracting their apprentices and familiars, while the sailors can be freed.


pelwer Qman

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