Shades of Shadora

Escape from Pirate's Cove

Starting in the depths of the pirate’s cove after fighting what the party thought was the vast majority of the hoard, and abandoned by their guide, cpt Adair
- Adair asks for Simon’s surrender as he attempts to blow up their ship. Simon decides he should go find a crew and hold off on blowing the ship up.
- the rest of the group sees a scout and hear shouts asking for their surrender. Grinclaw and Susi attempt to stop him as he looks into the cave system he is peaking out of. Susi loses a bow striking him in the thigh bringing him down. He is dragged into the caves.
- Grimclaw approaches the entrance and a giant explosion issues from the tunnel which he narrowly avoids.
- Simon races across the water to attack his tormentors, while Susi launches his battle battle through a tunnel and the party hears screaming and chaos coming from where his tormentors were.

- While Simon races towards a cave entrance a few crossbow bolts fly at him. He is struck by one of them and he pauses a moment to deal with the pain. He takes cover as he hits the entrance to the tunnel and tries to see what is coming for him. A volley of shots come at him again hitting the walls around him. Simon charges into an opening in the caves

- Prospero and Brine follow Grimclaw up to the ledge to see what damage they can do. Prospero summons 3 gnomes to his aid who crush a pirate who is staring blankly at a magic being that emerged just after a ball of destruction was flung his way. Brine runs after Prospero and nearly runs into him as he had cast invisibility on himself.

- Some of the pirates throw a keg of powder at the rampaging battle ball and everything else they can get their hands on to no avail. The terror settled into their bones as the rolling dead smashed their companions into meal. A flask is thrown at the ball and it begins to slow
- Susi flies another entrance of the opening where his battle ball is doing damage, pulls out his bow and slays one of the guards of that entrance distracted by the mayhem of his battle ball.

- The pirates shoot at the gnomes with their crossbows but the bolts just bounce off. A pirate rattles off a spell and the gnome disappears.
– Simon suggests Cpt Ward throw a grenade at his enemies and a number of arrows go flying towards Ward suddenly.
- Susi loses another arrow that smashes through his target while his battle ball bounced around the room to bound off one of the gnomes in the room.
- Prospero gets to the entrance of the room and slashes his throat. His gnomes move on the pirates in the room, but are unable to land blows.
- Simon picks up a smoke stick from his bag, ignites it with a spell and throws it, then dives behind more cover. He attempts to throw his javelin at a murder hole from which the pirates are attacking him. His attack hits though he does have a bad feeling. The pirates takes the hit and stares stunned as the javelin disappears into Simon’s hand.
-Susi flies into the tunnel system and recalls his battle sphere then takes a shot at an enemy just next to him he did not see till he entered, killing him.
- With the battle ball gone, Prospero and Brine go rushing in to lay waste to the pirates in the opening. The pirates push back, emboldened by the sudden lack of a rolling death. While Brine kills his first attacker, a magic user hits Prospero with a bolt which dissipates in a blast of air.
- Simon rushes past the ships towards stairs to get at the assailants in the murder-holes along the walls he had been facing. After searching for a time he finally finds a secret passage into the passage where the murder holes were, and he began slaughtering the men as they stood waiting for him to appear. He mowed through them, bringing one down after another until the tunnel was filled with blood and bodies.
- Prospero, Brine and Susi struggle as wave after wave of pirate come out or stairwells and alcoves. A few well placed ax blows, spells and trident lashes take down pirates, but two more seem to pop up where the previous scallywag stood.
- as Prospero and Susi battled, Propero ended up side by side as they slew the pirates. Propero handed Susi a healing potion. Susi nodded, stoic as always, and Prospero laughed, winked and said ”be careful, that is my last one”
- After the pirates were defeated, the group wandered through another tunnel and found a prison filled with captains and officers begging for released. They all had a story to tell, but the time was short for the party. Prospero, Susi and Grimclaw all looked around more and found another set of tunnels leading to a beach, and fleeing pirates. Prospero returned to an alcove filled with an alchemists set up. There is a chest from a member of the inner workings and they loaded that, along with a number of other supplies, onto their ship.
- The party, cpt Ward, and the rescued prisoners get on the Oranna and prepare to set sail. Simon sets a trail of gun powder leading the the barrels of gun powder and alchemists fire he had set, drops a torch and teleports to the ship. In a huge plume of smoke and flame the ship bursts into an orgy of fire, ship parts and chaos. Susi flies over after having killed the fleeing pirates and the party sets full sails to Port Labor to pick up the rest of the Cpt.’s crew. most of the prisoners take off, but Trish, Elesondra and a prisoner, Colby Jack, decide to stay around.
- The former captive tell the party the best way to get to the Tiger Temple is to go round the horn, past the wreck of the Silver Seal, a hard right past the land of Gyle, around the Ogre’s Tooth, trying to avoid the Chaos on the sea, past the troll lands, and they should be able to find temple and the Tiger Temple soon past that.


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