Shades of Shadora

Into the Caverns

After the success against the Glywn Aerie the party put together a victory dinner.
The Priests were able to supply a few vegetables and some wine was found. Arghmon
excused himself early, clearly his phobias were weighing on him and his nerves are
frayed. The prospect of a journey in close tunnels and darkness may be more than he
can take. Prospero suggested that he remain behind to protect the Overwatch until the
villagers from the base arrive but he refused. As discussion of Arghmon’s fitness
swirled about the table a ghost projection materialized, surprised the team leapt to
action fearing some trap had been sprung. As Prospero prepared a spell he called out
hold my friends it is a communication from Emancia. The voice of an Inquisitor
requested Prospero, who responed it was he. The Inquisitor announced that Arghmon had
killed his Master and was wanted for murder and chaos corruption. Prospero feigned
ignorance of Arghmon’s location. He questioned the Inquisitors proof who responded with
certainty of his guilt. Prospero asked if the murder charge for himself and his
apprentice had been resolved, the Inquisitor choked and called for an aide and after
a delay he replied that the charge had been dropped although no one had ever been
charged for the crime. In closing the Inquisitor reminded Prospero he was duty bound
to apprehend or kill Arghmon and turn him over to the nearest Inquisitors station.
While bidding the Inquesitor farewell Prospero muttered to himself “Am I ordered to
murder or turn over myself and my apprentice as well?”
If the conversation was warm before it quickly became heated. Prospero trusted the
Inquisition little more than he did the Lazuri. Roku sneered at the complexities and
inefficiencies of the Emancia bureaucracy. Prospero laughed, lucky for you they are
so confused, a Fel using sorcery and divine spells, I haven’t reviewed the laws of
late but you would likely be in line for a few years in rehab. The decision was made
that Arghmon was considered a companion and valuable asset, but the team would keep a
close eye on him. Trish seemed disturbed but kept her consul to herself.
With the sun rise Simon and the Priests did the singing of the Sun and the
associated dance. Roku with a grumble decided to rise early, from the previous day he
knew the racket wouldn’t stop in time for him to recover his dream. Realizing it would
be quieter, he climbed to the tower top and at a whim turned the far seer to the Fire
Temple. His breath quickened as he saw a huge Lazuri, Volmog no doubt, inspecting row
after row of troops. Surrounding the city were thousands of Lazuri troops, too the city
had been fortified with fighting positions for the Lazuri. He is very surprised to see
Prospero and Grimclaw walking with a seven foot tall man with college robes of an
unrecognisable Sorcery College. Running down the stairs he call to Simon and the others
and rushed to Prospero’s room where Prospero was preparing his gear. Quickly to the tower
top, with quick glances through the viewer the team glances and then quickly looks back
to Prospero. When Prospero’s turn arrived he gasps, Vargus the cursed malamorph. No doubt
responds Simon holding his compass pointing directly along the axis of the farseer.
Prospero looks again, by the Vaults’ of Eman, its a Journyman or some undead form of one,
the robe markings seem familiar. “The Iron Sarcophagus, it would hold him the symbols on
his robes match”. He didn’t know how he came to this conclusion but knew it to be true.
The ritual was to awaken him and somehow link him to the city. There was nothing that
could be done, attacking the army in place would be suicide. Somehow the Fire Temple must
be captured and then the enemy would need to attack us. The tunnels might hold the key.
Gear was gathered the priests gave the blessing of Bandar which even Trish appreciated
and the team descended into the darkness heading for the first Waystation. Arghmon walked
at the back of the party with his Salamander Wildfire out burning away the darkness. Roku
and Simon ranged ahead as scouts. The party was annoyed by an ongoing discussion between
Roku and Prospero. The two had packed a backpack full of books/scrolls – they keep reading
facts throughout the journey – driving every one nuts. Generally Prospero would make a
comment concerning the tunnels only to be countered by Roku when the party caught up to
his position. As an example Prospero said “Did you know… A cave (or cavern) is a
naturally occurring area or space under the surface of the Earth. Caves are often a
system of interconnected passageways created by the weathering of rock.” Roku responded
fifteen minutes later like they were in conversation “Did you know… The maximum depth a
cave system can reach underground before the pressure of overlying rocks becomes too
great is estimated to be about 3 marks.” To this Prospero would nod sagely or argue
about the correctness of Roku’s facts. Likewise Roku would attack or defend Prospero’s
position depending on the facts. Fortunately the party was saved by an encounter with
Goblins and their rodent dogs.
There were less than ten Goblins and even fewer Dogs but they were scattered about
and the tunnels were treacherous. The enemy knew the tunnels well and used the knowledge
to their advantage. Too giant spiders dropped from the ceiling, they were dispatched quickly,
disgusted Trish lit the webs on fire, a swarm of insects came flowing out and attacked
her. Prospero and Tenk fought an Elemental of Steam, both were scorched but survived with
nothing but small burns. The Goblins were hunted down and all were slain, luckily none
escaped to warn the occupants of the Waystation. As the party advanced the tunnel changed
and began to take on the look of worked stone. Ahead was a red glow and the rushing of water.
Roku spotted a Scorpionman and two giant scorpion’s breaking rock near a waterwheel. Prospero
cast an invisibility spell and the party moved into position and struck the enemies never
new what hit them. Propero and Roku investigated the waterwheel and discovered a glowing
stone that replenished their power, a First Age relic converting the water wheel motion in
to mana. Looking spinward the party could see a river of lava with a bridge. The far side
was guarded by Goblins. The invisibility trick would not work against them, but perhaps
something else would.


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