Shades of Shadora

Journey to the Overwatch

The party approached the ridge line as the mists started to form. Fear of the mists kept

everyone’s pace up. Twenty meters from the ridge dark shadows passed over head and with heavy
thuds three Chimaera’s landed before us. One spoke to Lashaur, then in the lead, “We know you
harbour the thief Roku, if he hands over the crown we will let you live, our master demands it.”
The party didn’t hesitate but leapt to battle, Simon grabbed Dane and teleported behind the
center Chimaera drawing his blades and wounding it. Prospero seized Tenk and burrowed behind a
second enemy drawing Kindred he wounded it as well. As the mists formed Chaotic Newts rose
from ravines and crevices surrounding the party, Grimclaw ran forward and crushed one with a
might pounce. Four for the Chaos hoard rushed Trish, for more surrounded Lasher, two attacked
Roku and two more attacked Arghmon. Those rushing Trish where slashed down as they arrived.
The Chimaera’s attacked Simon, Prospero, Tenk and Dane. Dane took a butt from a head and was
knocked back and down, luckily she was not wounded. Tenk was not as lucky and was wounded
and knocked down and back. The Chimaera on Prospero had a tail with three eyes, no doubt a
chaos taint, a wall of acid rose between the party and the ridge. Lashaur surrounded by the 4 Newts
teleported into the clear on the ridge and shot his bow wounding a Chimaera.
Simon killed his Chimaera foe and moved to aid Prospero as Tenk retreated out of reach. Dane
was confronted by a chaotic Newt while the third Chimaera flew forward to engage Roku. The others
began dealing death blows to the Newt’s that had surrounded them. Arghmon drew out the chaos
wand we had discovered, he aimed it at the Chimaera attacking Roku, out of the wand came many
shrieking spirits in a cloud, the Newt’s on Roku immediately fled, the Chimaera was surprised but
continued to fight. Simon slashed gravely wounding the Chimaera and cutting off his tail, Lashaur
fired and finished off the second Chimaera. Tenk threw his spear to help Dane but the Newt deftly
caught the spear and flipped it around.
The party had gained the upper hand, Roku and Lashaur finished the last of the Chimaera’s as
he threatened Roku. The other chaotic Newt’s were destroyed. Those still below the ridge ran
forward, all made it save Arghmon who tripped and fell engulfed by the mist. Roku quickly readied
his rope and grapple but Arghmon heaved himself to his feet and leaped to the ridge. When he
stood he was white, shaking and covered in sweat. No doubt the mist had affected him. As
Arghmon’s run from the mist was playing out Prospero and Arghmon scanned the battle field for
new foes, they saw some type of guardsman or soldier moving away from us into the hills.
Lashaur quickly picked up the man’s trail and the party followed him into a hidden valley were
they saw a series of cave dwellings. Lashaur and Simon scouted ahead and identified a sentry on
high ground, Simon teleported to his ledge and knocked him unconscious. From questioning the
team found that the villagers were survivors of Glynn. Simon requested that the guard lead us into
the village, he would only allow a single person without weapons, none in the party were ready to
accept this. As the negotiations struggled Trish stepped up and agreed to swear the guest oath. The
guard Starn, was very impressed with the Lady Trish and agreed. We proceeded to the village.
The village head man was Carl and he was adamantly opposed to aiding us in our quest. It soon
became an open debate with his advisers and Starn. The advisers agreed to aid us against Carl’s will,
after a bribe by Lashaur, Starn agreed to be our guide. He went to the village and returned with
horses for all, “We should get moving before Carl notices that we have borrowed his horses.”. With
Starn’s horses and guidance we made it to the base of the Overwatch in hours instead of days. The
party camped the night at the base of the Overwatch. Before the rising of the sun Starn set us on
our way. The way up was a steep winding trail with no cover and many stretches of difficult terrain
where falls would need to be guarded against. Starn agreed to wait 3 days under cover of the cave
he had found. The trudge up the mountain began, as the Sun arose Simon broke into dance at the
day and the rising of the sun. As he concluded he made a prayer to Bander, “May the Sun of Lazur
daze our foes while the shadows and illusions of Bander blind them to our presence.”


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