Shades of Shadora

Junction Of Five Rivers

Grimclaw Falls

The battle of the Five Rivers was unplanned and vicious. The Chaos Horror that
ruled the Trogs was a Giant Carp with four slithering tentacles. Being based in the
water shielded it from most attacks and allowed it to attack us at will. The central
chamber had four streams at our level and a fifth falling from above feeding a fast
swirling whirlpool. The party spotted a boat on the far shore but it was likely a
trap, using his ring of Flitter Simon crossed to the far side. Arghmon then created
a bridge to span the water, Trish sprinted across but as Roku was passing a section
of the bridge disappeared, unable to stop he slid into the water and the current
quickly dragged him into the whirlpool. Simon leaving Trish to guard the far shore
sprinted onto the bridge and with a great leap jumped to Roku, with the Ring of Storm
he teleported both of them to join Trish. Arghmon quickly repaired the bridge and
Prospero joined the others. There were nearly invisible Trogs waiting in the tunnels,
javelins fell into the party. Arghmon and Lasheur quickly crossed leaving Grimclaw
on the far side.
The Elder Horror attacked, tentacles flared out knocking Grimclaw from his feet
and sucking a bit of life from him. Prospero summoned Guardian’s to help find and
clear the Trogs, Trish ran forward and engaged the ones which could be seen. Roku
used his Orb to speed our actions. Simon crossed a small bridge and more Trogs
attacked him. Prospero followed casting spells, dropping huge stalagmites and
killing many. Tenk engaged with the spear, Grimclaw spotted the Horror lazily
swimming about the whirlpool, many in the party targeted him, but the water was
a natural armor and our attacks all fell short.
Like the army of Orc’s at the first Way Station here we found an army of
Trogs, with the Horror aiding them. From two different streams unending lines
of them marched towards us. Tenk went to the mouth of one and cast the spear,
unfortunately missing. Simon moved to block them from gaining the bridge. Prospero
drew kindred and battled a second stream joined by Trish while Roku, Lasheur and
Arghmon sought an escape from the rivers. Grimclaw sprinted across the bridge as
the two sentinels summoned by Prospero leapt into the water trying to drop on
the Horror. Both missed, the Horror retaliated by swiping at Grimclaw, the
panther was struck four times and killed. Pospero was shaken and wounded by the
loss, blood coming form his nose, eyes and ears. Grimclaw was last seen by Simon
and Tenk as the Horror’s tentacles dragged him into the water. Prospero staggered
back away from the fighting, screened by Trish. Simon cleared the bridge of Trogs
as Tenk loosed the Unstoppable Spear once more, a perfect shot, the spear flew up
the river for forty meters slaying everything in its path. Trish made a stand against
the second horde as Tenk and Simon moved to support Prospero.
As Prospero sheathed Kindred he spoke, and all the party noted how the crashing
rumble of the water were somehow overborne by his quite words. “If you want to live
move behind me”. Trish chuckled to herself until she glanced back and saw Prospero
draw a slim stone wand from an inner pocket. She quickly struck the nearest trogs
knocking them back and then sprinted past the Wizard, it was the one item Prospero
had ever declared to dangerous to use, the Earthquake wand. She grabbed Tenk
dragging him along as she past Prospero who was speaking tongue twisting syllables.
Simon stood behind him waiting for what ever might come. The conjuring stopped and
Prospero words once again drowned out the crashing water, “Horror of the centuries
you have lived many years but I tell you now this is your last day!.” To the surprise
of the party in their minds they could hear the Horror respond, “Puny wizard, I dine on
your familiar, I have lived beyond your ken and you have no spell or weapon that can
touch me…”. As the Horror spoke Prospero released his spell.
For a moment nothing seemed to happen, and then the stones seemed to come alive,
sentinels arose to support the cave near the party, earth elementals formed and rushed
towards the rivers and above the roar of the rivers and the gloating of the Horror came
a louder more ominous grinding, crunching, smashing. The earth itself moved in waves.
As the Horror felt the spell he shouted, “What have you done?!?!?? Foolish mortal know
that I will”, The Horror’s voice was silenced like a broken twig. Tons of stone, rock
and debris fell into the whirlpool and rivers. Trish watched as the stone wand shattered
and Prospero collapsed, Simon grabbed him, tossed him over his shoulder and sprinted to
join the others. The collapsing tunnel followed Simon, the party starting backing away
seeing their doom coming, but as Simon reached them the strength of the sentinels held
and the collapse ended. The roar continued for several minutes but that too diminished
and died away to total silence. A weak voice at Simons feet said “Its time to move on,
I’m done here”. Simon helped Prospero to his feet as he spoke again " You know Roku
we’re lucky the rock is saturated with water else we would have died from the dust.
It is little know that most mine collapse deaths are caused by …"
Trish dallied, as Propero’s lecture finished they heard her voice, “We consign the
soul of Grimclaw to the Halls of Silence and the keeping of Lord Artol. He was more than
a familiar, he was a friend. He willingly threw himself in harm’s way many times, saving
us all more times than we can count. The earth that killed his enemy is a fitting cairn
to our noble friend. Let us never forget his sacrifice”. The party moved slowly away but
Prospero continued to bleed. As the Prospero’s pace slowed Roku called a halt and the
parties wounds were treated, Simon healed Prospero’s wounds with a spell and after a
short break Simon started the party started forward once more.


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