Shades of Shadora

Lonely Shore Pirates

With Captain Adair at the tiller we took took the small cutter down the coast to the Pirate
haven. Brine swam along in his shark form, keeping unwanted predators away from the boat. Captain
Adair had us approach a tall cliff in moderate seas, he pointed out a lookout post above. Susi
flew slowly to the top lifting Simon. Simon signaled to be dropped and silenced the sentry with
quick blow from behind. The party climbed the cliff, Grimclaw was stuck in the boat until
Prospero summoned a gnome form a set of step for him to climb. Moving out from the lookout post
the party moved into a giant cavern overhanging a natural bay several hundred yards. Within were
three ships. The Fallen Oranna, a pirate ship afloat and a third beached being worked on right
before the party. The pirates had found a formidable home, clear of the elements and easily
defended. Cannon were scattered around on strong points to protect the bay entry.

Simon elected to sneak past the ship builders but was unsuccessful, having a 500 lb Grimclaw
along in narrow passages was proving to be an unexpected challenge. A diversion fire had been
started drew everyone’s attention but the also brought pirates from the passage way the party
was headed down. With the alarm sounded it became a fight between individual party members and
many pirates. Simon subdued seven by shouting to surrender to Captain Adair or die. Two men and one of the officers refused the offer. Susi, Prospero, and Brine headed up the tunnel to one of
the cannon strong points. The cannon blasted down the tunnel barely missing Susi and Brine.
Melee’s broke out and the pirates were quickly dispatched. Susi took to the air and Brine
leaped into the bay. Susi attacked a second strong point across the bay and downed three more
pirates, Brine surfaced assumed human form and attacked a group of pirates on a narrow beach
an the bay’s far side. Prospero eyed the narrow rope bridge that spanned the bay, the pirates Susi was fighting had lowered it to water level. Simon ran across the bay to the floating pirate
ship and engaged another six pirates, once the officer was dead the others surrendered to Captain Adair. Simon leaped to the Fallen Organna and dispatched another officer and three pirates.
Captain Ward rowed to his ship and began preparing it for sea. As the others finished off their
opponents and Prospero sniped at the odd pirate from his ledge Simon ordered Captain Ward to rig
an Alchemist fire among the pirates ship many barrels of gunpowder. When all the opponents had
fallen, Simon looked up but Captain Adair and all the captured pirates had disappeared.


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