Shades of Shadora

Escape the Volcano and the Battle of Port Labor

With the dragons beyond reach the party moved to a cooler chamber some distance from the
lava lake. After a rest began the ascent to the Lava Bridge. As Simon rounded the final
corner to the bridge he leaped back, a troop of Lazuri were on the bridge. They had forced
the first Portcullis but were still struggling with the second. Susi drew his new bow and
using the rimward tower as a screen moved to the top. As a shout when out from the center
of the bridge Prospero cast invisibility on Simon who sprinted to the top of the coreward
tower as Susi opened fire.

Simon leaped to the bride rail and sprinted to the center of the bridge throwing his javelin.
The javelin sailed through the first two Lazuri but then fell to the bridge. For some odd
reason Simon’s invisibility spell held for the entire melee, Prospero has many theories but all
seemed farfetched. Brine moved to the mounted arbalest and joined Susi shooting into the Lazuri.
Prospero moved up to the coreward tower and summoned two sentinels on the Lazuri side of the
portcullis. The ships officers and Captain Adair moved to the portcullis and stabbed at the two
green sash’s that were trying to raise it. A chaotic horror, a huge floating eye with a dozen
smaller eye stalks attacked shooting rays from its eyes. Susi quickly put an arrow into its main
eye. Simon battled through the charging Lazuri. The Priests summoned Salamanders and bolts of
lava but Susi and Brin quickly destroyed the salamanders. The Sentinels killed the Lazuri near
the portcullis and started moving to aid Simon.

As the footmen fell the priests retreated. Susi seeing them flee fired at them killing the first.
The second made it several steps before he wounded him. Simon leaped and slashed the floating
horror killing it, landed and tossed his three shurken killing the last priest. Simon quickly
recovered his thrown weapons while the others looted the bodies. As the party left the bridge
Prospero turned and using his wand of the Earthquake destroyed the bridge. As it began to fall
Prospero broke the wand and threw the pieces onto the bridge. The mountain shook and roared as
the bridge fell the party quickly moved to the entrance where they meet with Captain Ward and the
other freed slaves. Prospero turned to the entrance and using his Earth Shaping powers collapsing
the entrance.

While party was in the volcano Captain Ward had organized the slaves we has send to the surface.
Using the captured weapons the small army marched on Port Labor. The battle lasted through the
night to the rising of the sun. The Lazuri’s overwhelming position was turned when Simon and
Brine attacked from the depths. They quickly captured the docks and threw the Lazuri into a
panic. On the landward side Captain Adair lead the strongest of the surviving miners and with the
help of Susi’s Battle Ball was able to clear the wall. Disaster was closely avoided when Agmar’s
body guard attacked at the breach. Simon seeing the danger from the docks sprinted to Adair’s aid
blocking the attack. As the sun rose the remaining miners took the rest of the wall. But with the
docks freed the Lazuri and pirates quickly retreated to the ships and escaped.

In the aftermath Captain Adair came up with a daring plan to follow the fleeing pirates in a
small cutter to their home port and attack them there. With few options it was agreed to depart
after the party had rested. Having won the field of battle the wounded and stranded enemies were
quickly captured. The parties wounded were gathered and treated. The city was searched and
treasured distributed.


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