Shades of Shadora

Securing the Overwatch

Persuading is Harder than Fighting

Searching the archives the Sorcerers (Prospero, Arghmon, and Roku)
discovered journals suggesting three groups of elders form the first
age were possibly still about. The Elves were possibly in the Vale of Tears,
the Trolls and Dwarves would be found in the tunnels if they still existed.
If the party could win them over to our cause it would give us new allies.
But the teams first job was to secure the Overwatch, and for that we needed
men. The Bandit village at the base was the nearest help. So it was decided
to ask them for an alliance, with the help of the Griffins this should
prove to be no problem. In the mean time dispatches were readied for Fort
Raven, the goal was to contact our allies and set them in motion. The Aha
and Elves would move to the Vale of Tears but were to remain undetected.
The Forces of Ard and Plains Centaurs were directed to the Spire, a threat
to Glywn. The Aqualins were asked to protect the area around Fort Raven. The
Dwarves were to proceed to the Overwatch with all haste and Rory’s Rangers
were to assemble secretly at the base of the Overwatch.
Simon didn’t reckon with the obstinacy of the Griffins. His request for
a meeting with Lord Griffin was denied, he was busy with other matters. As
for transport to the village or a mount for our messenger it was denied
until our horse flesh debt was paid. Haggling for transport for three
tripled our debt to three horses. Roku suggested that we bring trophies
of war along to impress the villagers, so the Dragons head was taken along
with a Griffin and examples of the weapons we had captured. Simon also
gathered a sack of gold to pay for the horses we needed. The Griffins
demanded a fourth horse but relented when Simon suggested they couldn’t
carry the weight. Trish, Roku, and Simon mounted with little more than
feathers to hold. The three griffins then grasped the huge dragon head
and Wyvern along with the sack of weapons and leaped off the cliff.
Screams filled the air as they fell like stones, pulling up at the last
instance into level flight above the rocks.
The first task was to locate Starn. The flight took minutes compared
to the hours of climbing, the Griffins landed and Starn’s horses went wild.
First was to pay the debt, Starn allowed three horses to be taken. The
Griffins seized them, leapt into the sky and returned them to the Aerie.
Simon told Starn to move down the trail as fast as he could and find shelter
because the Griffins would likely seek him out. Within an hour the Griffins
returned and the trip to the village resumed. In front of the cave dwelling
of the village the Griffins dropped the Dragon head and Wyvern. Simon
dismounted and floated down using the Cloak of Feathers and as Trish and
Roku landed behind him he announced “I Alexander First Dawn have raised my
banner, I am the Lion of the Dawn, I go to war and need your help.” There
was pandemonium in the village, but Carl and the elders were called and
Simon, Roku, and Trish parleyed with them.
Simon paid 90 gold for the horses and the villagers agreed to move to
Overwatch to guard it. They inspected the weapons and listened as Trish and
Roku spoke of the defensive advantages of the Overwatch and Alliance.
Simon told them they would need to reach their own alliance with the
Griffins, but having the only horses in the area would be a bargaining
advantage. The Griffins balked at taking the three back to the summit but
Carl interceded leading out two ponies, the Griffins were easily convinced
to carry the three and to leave the villagers unmolested in their migration.
Simon warned the villagers to beware of the Griffins on the journey even
with their promise. The speed of the journey amazed the trio, the trek that
had taken days was reduced to minutes.
Upon the return there was a great feast among the Griffins, pony being
a delicacy, when the Lord Griffin looked out of the aerie to see what the
commotion was about Simon called to him. Trish, Roku and Simon began
negotiations with the Lord Griffin. He felt secure in their ancient Aerie,
but didn’t know of the Wyvern Hatchery in the Glywn Sink Hole. The three
described the hundreds of Wyvern they had seen there and the dangers to
the Griffins and how alliance would help everyone. Finally the Lord
Griffin agreed to negotiate with the villagers and give them safe passage.
Also he would aid the party in the war with mounts for messengers and
reconnaissance. But his price was high, the Glywn Aerie had to be destroyed.
An immediate overland campaign was out of the question but Lord Griffin
suggested using the apparatus on the tower roof. Roku quickly assessed the
chance of success and deemed it good. If a critical section of the sink
hole wall were struck it could cause a catastrophic collapse and destroy
the majority of the Aerie and many Goblins as well. If this failed an
overland campaign would be needed. Simon agreed and the Lord Griffin
summoned a mount for our messenger Dane, and with a flap of wings and
a scream from Dane and our messages were on there way to Fort Raven.
While the Wizards, including Roku, researched what needed to be done
Simon conversed with the Bandar Priests. Trish, bored again went to the
Dragon head and hacked out the Pearl, it was the size of a large ball.
Trish prayed to Artol, should she attune the Dragon pearl. She heard a
reply “Only a fool would not take such a weapon”. With that she forced
her will upon it, the dragon’s spirit responded but she overcame it,
the pearl shrunk to the size of a gem leaped from her hand and embedded
itself into her forehead. Her head ached but she noticed her sight and
hearing and even the touch of her finger were much more sensitive. To
she recalled that Simon had never returned her gold after the
negotiations with the villagers. She got up tracked him down and
confronted him. Simon thinking nothing of it returned her portion.
At dusk the party retired, sleeping uneasily knowing clear weather
was needed for the device. The morning was a relief, Lazur’s chariot
began across the disk and all could see it would be a glorious day with
few clouds. The Wizards fussed and hemmed over the apparatus all day
until noon. Then Trish and Simon were directed to lift and hold the
lens, of course Trish claimed she had the heavy end. With Trish and
Simon sweating and swearing at the exertion, Lasheur in his leisurely
Elvin way lined up the apparatus, Trish cried it’s getting too hot, and
then a burst of light shot across the distance and even without the
far-seer a flash and cloud of dust could be seen in Glywn. The device
lowered everyone crowded around the far-seer. Looking Roku announced a hit,
a huge dust cloud had grown over the target and Roku announced dead
Wyverns and Goblins dropping from the cloud. Other wounded Wyverns could
be see crawling painfully about. Simon and Trish were looking at the
arrow like cloud that had developed between the Overwatch and Glywn.
An arrow to where the attack had originated. If our enemies didn’t already
know they soon would. The Lord Griffin immediately sent scouts to assess
the extent of the damage. The party retired to their camp to rest, the tunnels
would be entered tomorrow. We would need to return before any reaction
force from Glywn or the Fire Temple arrived. We could only hope that
Rory and the Dwarves would arrive before our enemies. On a positive note
now we did control the skies.


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