Shades of Shadora

Seizing the Overwatch

Simon's Bad Day

With the party reunited the goal was to climb to the Overwatch
and destroy the Chaos forces there. The spiral stair was another
long climb. The stair ended in a building about 100 Meters below
the summit. The area was a ruin with ancient buildings in different
stages of decline. At the peak the team could see a walled tower with
a guarded gateway. The Dragon and Lazuri Runepriest were nowhere to
be seen but they would be near. Through the dusk Lasheur lead the
team through the ruins toward the gates. The wall and tower appeared
ancient but in good repair. With the team in position to watch the
gate Lasheur and Simon left to reconnoiter the walled keep. Luck was
not with Simon, forty meters from the party he barley grazed a
ruined wall while moving past. It collapsed with a great crashing
sound and cloud of dust. The air was filled with fire arrow to light
the area and a flight of Wyverns were overflying in seconds.
The party broke cover and the battle was on. Lasheur fired his
bow, Tenk used the unstoppable spear, Roku gazed into his crystal
sphere. The sorcerers moved into better positions and readied
their magic as Trish moved towards the gates. Simon’s luck held bad,
a portion of the wall had trapped his foot and although out of sight
he struggled to free himself. As he looked up and whispered a prayer
to Bander, he saw a flight of Griffin’s swoop in and attack the
Wyverns which greatly reduced their number. With a blast of fire the
Dragon with the Runepriest on his back dropped from the sky. The area
was well lighted by all the flames and burning debris. Trish was
quickly engaged with the Priest and Dragon. Arghmon used his chaos
wand and the sphere of ghosts appeared at the gateway surrounding a
squad of guards.
Lasheur fired against the stray Wyvern’s still attacking the party
Tenk used the spear to attack the guard force, in one cast he brought
down four. The wizards also worked on the fliers as Trish fought the
Priest and Roku moved to join join her. Arghmon’s wand exhibited a
new feature, weak willed creatures within the sphere of ghosts were
transformed into zombies. These strange allies attacked the Dragon
and guardsmen, when Trish sighted one she dropped her attack on
the Priest and immediately moved and cut it down. Seeing no more
nearby she resumed her fight with the Priest. Once the skys were
clear of foes Prospero moved forward and attacked the Dragon to
aid Trish, with a spell he summoned his Gnome allies to grab and
pummel the Priest. Simon eventually freed himself and moved to
attack the Lazuri at the gate, with his first swing Foe Flogger
entangled him taking him back out of the fight. As Trish killed
the priest the others combined to attack the Dragon. Roku and
Prospero both struck successfully and Trish finished the beast.
With their captains killed the remaining foes quickly fell before
their blades.
With the foes vanquished the party entered the walls. From
the sky the Lord Griffin dropped into the compound before Simon. He
spoke, “Are you the Raven rider who attacked my children”, Simon
replied, “We defended ourselves, why did your children attack us
when we should be allies against the invaders.” The Lord Griffin
answered, “The Raven’s are very tasty, and a delicacy. No harm was
intended but the sky’s of Shadora are dangerous. You have taken the
Overwatch, before the coming of the Lazuri the Overwatch Aerie was
our home, I would like it back.” Simon responded “You have aided up
in battle and allies we should be, the Aerie is yours although there
are likely favours I will need to ask of you and your kin.” And the
start of an alliance was made. With a great screech the Lord Griffin
took to the air and in moments hoards of his children swirled about
diving into the Core-ward Aerie. As the Griffins entered debris began
rain into the compound as the cleaned the Aerie of the Wyvens nests.
The search of the the compound was begun. Near the entrance to
the Tower was the statue of a dwarf. It had been desecrated by the
Lazuri but was to stout to be destroyed. The Bander Priests were
found chained in a pit. Both blinded, they at first believed our
rescue was nothing but a ruse by the Lazuri. Simon’s prayer to Bander
and Roku’s healing hands convinced them of the truth. The cultists
had left little behind. Several of the team climbed the tower and
found ancient artifacts. Giant spy glasses and other mechanics. Roku
quickly discovered several of their secrets. Sights could be brought
into view from across Broadshoulders. As a test the team viewed Fort
Raven, guards could be identified walking about, simply amazing.
The Bandar Priests somewhat recovered asked to speak to Simon.
In front of the tower the priests identified the statue of Laramar
Lightbinder an ancient hero of Bandar. They revealed that in
addition to the statue it was his tomb. With aid from others the
priests found and manipulated several parts of the statue, a
mechanism was activated. With a grinding sound the platform of the
statue transformed and in moments a stair appeared leading
downward. Following the steps down the party found the Archives
of Laramar. Within were books of first age lore, Maps identifying
secret dwarven tunnels below Broadshoulders and Laramar’s Axe and
Cloak of Feathers. Before Simon realized it the priests had the Axe
in his hand and the cape about his shoulders, “Bandar has spoken,
Simon you are the heir to the Lightbringer.” Simon who had only
given the priests the name Alexander responded with a hearty
cough from the dust raised.
Meanwhile Lasheur and Trish sat drinking some wine and watching
the debris rain down from the Aerie. Their attention was drawn to
a clanging sound. Searching the debris field while dodging the
falling bones and trash was nearly as bad as the battle but they
found a sword and a chainmail hauberk. Showing the finds to Arghmon
he identified the symbol on the hauberk to the Mageslayer, a near
mythical character who hunted and killed wizards in the early days
of Emancia. The runes on the sword identified it as the “Stormsword”,
his weapon. In addition to the armor and sword he recalled two
bracelets. Lasheur and Trish returned to the debris and the sun
was well up before they had located both. One was gold and diamond
the other was bronze the a hammer on it.

As the day passed Prospero, Arghmon, and Roku were drawn into
the Archive seeking information on the tower top artifacts. Simon
took the time to work with Telpurr to record the layout of the
Fire Temple. Trish quickly grew bored with the engineering talk of
the wizards and Simon talking to Telpurr. She found Lasheur and Tenk
also sitting idle. “I’m heading down to the Wyrm Temple. Chaos
still waits there and my swords grow restless.” Lasheur gave her a
look of “Trish, you scare me sometimes. You really, really scare
me.” Trish smiled in reply “So, does that mean ‘yes’ in elvish?”
Lasheur laughed, “Alright Trish, it will save me from another history
lesson with the bow.” Tenk hesitantly grabbed his spear and mumbled,
“I will never understand you no-tails. You are often brave and strong
but always confusing.”
A few hours later Simon was in the courtyard stretching after a
long session with Telpurr and saw Trish and company returning. Simon
called “Hey Trish, what have you been up to?" Trish responded "We
journeyed to the Wyrm temple, it needs a new name there are no
Wyrms left. They are also very short on cultists, Lazuri, and eggs
in case you are keeping score. That chaos will not trouble us further.
We threw all of them in the lava and sealed the doors. No one is getting
up that way without a battering ram. Simon smiled, “So we own the skies!”
“We do indeed.” Trish replied. Simon called down the griffins and promised
them tender horse flesh in the next week or so if they would fly down and
bring Dane and Grimclaw up the mountain. They didn’t like the fact that
he couldn’t pay up front, but the lure of horse flesh was too great to
resist. Soon, the full party was back together and it was time to
start planning again.


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