Shades of Shadora

Surrounded by Spies

Brine, Colby, and Susi stay at the high temple watching the sparring until it is time for evening prayers. After his devotions Simon went to his room and Telpurr came to visit him. Telpurr asked Simon about his travels to reach the temple. He comments that they have a common trait in their ongoing hunt for Lazuri. Then Telpurr confirms that that Vallas did come here on a sword quest given to him by a vision.

Simon professes his concerns about Vallas’ behavior. His violence when teaching and sudden killings of so many spies. Telpurr is noncommittal and says “Who’s to say? Perhaps we have been too lax.”

Then Telpurr tells Simon how the trials will go. They will last three days and culminate in Bandar’s Holy Day. Three masters, Jaymar, Mundar, and Athaa, would be assigned to help Simon prepare for the trials.

Before he leaves, Simon asks Telpurr to examine a sword blade he discovered some time ago. Telpurr is very surprised when he holds the blade. He says it is an ancient blade that has been sought for centuries. The sword has been called Doom’s Razor, God Killer, Sword of Order, and Sword that must not be drawn. The Lazuire fashioned compasses that would detect the pieces. The hilt and guard are missing, but the compass Simon has should help find them. Telpurr doesn’t know the sword’s destiny, but cautions that danger will follow it and that it must be kept safe. Telpurr will have research done to try and find any clues on the location of the remaining pieces.

Brine, Colby, Prospero, and Susi convene at their hotel room and exchange what they’ve learned. Then they call in the inn keeper to ask him about some of the recent occurrences.

Berti, the inn keeper, says that the master blacksmith Malo’s death was extremely odd. Malo was well accustomed to handling such loads. The caravan that delivered the ore is still in town, in fact they are talking of taking up residence. The caravan guards saw the accident and might be able to explain more. The merchant leading the caravan, Ashook, as well as his guards are staying by the shrines. Ashook has even purchased new armor and equipment for all of the village guards.

Brine asked about the ingredients Ham bought for the temple, wonder what sort of tea could be made from them. Berti was unfamiliar with the recipe, but suggested talking to Engar the local healer and herbalist.

Father Thury’s wife was a sad event. She was well liked around town and was the main dance instructor for Bandar. She didn’t seem quite old enough to die in her sleep.

Vallas arrived in town in an unusual way. He swam into the harbor with no memory of where he came, just a burning desire to serve Bandar. Within a tenday of arriving Vallas began to discover spies hidden around the town, include some townsfolk who had been there for years. The villagers try to stay out of his way now.

Berti also said there was betting on the trials. The final event happens in the sword village, and Berti could take their wagers if they were interested.

After Berti and Bruna leave Brine notices that the scars on the slave girl they rescued, Dora, were in the same places as Vallas’ tattoos. Along the neck, arms, and wrists. Susi draws the tattooed runes he saw on Vallas for Propsero to consider. Prospero couldn’t say their true intent, but they were very similar to ones he’d seen used to bind elementals. He couldn’t say what might have been bound, and conceded that in fact it could be Vallas who was bound by the runes.

Late at night Simon was awaken with the sound of someone moving around. He followed the sound to Vallas’ room, but when he opened the door no one was inside. The window sill was scratched up, as if a clawed their way in. Simon then hears the sound of flapping large wings, however he can see nothing in the darkness outside. Simon then climbs onto the roof of the building to await Vallas’ return.

Not long after Simon is awoken, Susi is awoken by noises on the roof of the inn. When he tries to the find the sound he spots zombies of recently dead villagers climbing down. Susi raised the alarm and the party quickly dispatched the undead.

They call the guard in to investigate the attack. They say this is very strange and collect the bodies. Susi flies up to the roof and finds a woven grass mat there. He brings it down and shows it to Prospero, who recognizes it as a homing circle. The guards ask us to visit the healer to see if he might know what called the zombies.

After the attack at the inn Simon sees Vallas returning. Vallas notices Simon on the roof and calls up to him. Vallas claims that he couldn’t sleep and went out for a run down the 10,000 steps. He further says he used his window to avoid waking any of the other monks.


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