Shades of Shadora

Sword village is saved!

While Simon is stretching and preparing for the final trial, one of the town guards approaches Swardu. He says a few words and Swardu a wakizashi. Another guard does the same with master Jaymar.

Swardu exchanges the wakizashi the guard gave him with Simon’s blade and says, “The guards need time to get in position. You’ll need to toy with him a bit; you and Tarnis should work together against Vallas.” Then the gong sounds and Simon is thrust into the melee.

As Brine, Colby, Prospero, and Susi are headed to the trial Helmund and a guardsman run up begging for assistance. They claim zombies are attacking the village and will soon overrun the barricade.

The town guard used an over turned wagon as a crude blockade to hold the undead horde back. They tell the party to slip around down a side alley and find the source of the undead.

Susi takes to the air and sees Ashook in the distance driving the zombie’s onward. He immediately begins to fire arrows at him. Brine and Colby start cutting a path through the zombies. Brine loops around to flank the zombies that are beginning the overwhelm the guards, while Colby presses on and attacks Ashook.

While this is going on Simon evades Vallas’ attacks until Swardu gives him a sign that all is ready. Then Simon launches a flurry of attacks which break down Vallas’ blocks and slice him open. The scars on Vallas’ body begin to glow and then peel open revealing some sort of demon beneath the skin. This vision lasts only a moment before dissipating.

Not long after, pierced by Susi’s arrows and Colby’s blades, Ashook slumps to the ground incapacitated. Once their mast is dead the undead are quickly finished off by Prospero and Brine.

Once all the battles are done the village celebrates and lauds the party as heroes and saviors. Ashook is questioned while a celebratory feast is prepared.

Ashook reveals that his main goal was the hall of swords in the high temple. The collection of awakened weapons was a treasure with immense value. He also wanted to gain control of the smiths as well. Ashook says he was under the command of a Lazuri named Volmag, who also commanded Igmar, and also gave orders to stop Simon from becoming a Rune Lord.


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