Shades of Shadora

The Fall of a Hero

The party waited while Walac quietly crept up the trail. He had grim news on his return; a half dozen of the crew were tied to warping posts in a chaos circle. In the center of the circle was a powerful demon wolf howling infernal curses and warping the men into horrors. Guarding the circle were a six apes, six hobgoblins, and ten goblins. The only good news was that the two goblins guarding the trail were totally focused on the ritual with little time to watch the trail. The party had a long hard whispered conversation. None wanted to test the chaos hoard but all agreed that if not now when, if not them who. They moved into postion and attacked from surprise.

Grimclaw and Walac took out the sentries without a hitch. Prospero and Ellisandra burrowed across to the far side of the field to near a tree that showed highly magical properies. Before departing Prospero cast invisibilty on himself and Ellisandra. The attack began with Simon and Trish charging the circle, they quickly cut down their targets but then the hoard responed charging and swarming towards them. Prospero and Ellisandra attacked the Demon Wolf but were unable to damage it, their attacks drew the attention of the nearby guards. They moved closer to the magic tree and it began to glow. As the fight continued it seemed to lend them strength and skill. The Howling Demon charged Trish while an Ape and Hobgoblin engaged her. Grimclaw lept from the shadows and downed the Hobgoblin, tearing off its head. Walac stood off sending well placed arrows into the hostiles.

The battle wavered teetering against the party when Nightshift and the Fel warrior joined the fray. They had been guarding the landing but when the Howling of the Wolf began screeching they hurried to lend their strenght to the party. Their aid tilted the fight in the hero’s favor and soon Trish’s swords, Simons Katana, the sorcerer’s spells and the Trolls club were crushing the foes. When the demon fell at Trish’s hand the party rushed forward for about 50 meters ahead they spyed a cave that no doubt held the heart of the chaos that surrounded them.

Near the entrance a flock of the goblin bats flew from a ruined tower and blast spell from within the cave rained down upon the team. Spells from Prospero and spears from Nightshift quicly finished the bats. Trish and Simon did not hesitate and rushed into the cave to confront the chaos direclty. Trish cut down a fire wizard while Simon dealt with more of the fliers. A Trish moved towards the Necromancer he shouted out to his Masters to aid him. From a room of bones to the North rose three Vampires, sorcerers all. Trish and Simon were quickly smashed by the weight of the combined spells but the rest of the party didn’t flinch and rushed to their aid. Trish and the spells of the vampires killed the Necromancer. Nightshift stuck struck one of the vampires so hard he flew into the next room, as he became gaseous Maelstrom struck ripping apart the cloud, a thin wail was heard as the vampire was destoyed.

Simon drew his wand of stoning and shot a spell at the second vampire and was rewarded by the crinkling sound of his flesh turning to stone. But the last Vampire was not to depart the living without a true fight, another blast struck and Simon was hit hardest, already wounded the hero fell. When he didn’t rise the partly collectively gasped, and then vented their rage on the final enemy. Prospero grabbed the wand and sent a stoning spell flying towards the vampire, it struck but the vampire was to tough and resisted. Trish immedatly teleported behind vampire catching him unaware, but her attacks were not enough to disable it. Walac who had quietly crept into the cave took careful aim and fired an arrow at the fiend’s heart. It struck home the Vampire looked up in surprise and rage. A scream issued from its lips as it turned into dust. As the vampire crumbled the ghost of Gilliam drew near Trish and disappeared into her sword.

The party quickly converged on Simon, but their fears were true Simon lay dead at their feet. Prospero cast a spell conjuring a shroud, the party carefully wrapped the body. The moved it out of the lair of his enemies and placed it near the tree of power. The party began a search the area. Quickly bored with the search Nightshift turned to smashing the vampire of stone into small pieces. The search proved fruitful among other things were found a Master Work suit of chainmail, a cloak of woven shadows, and a supurb great axe. After destorying the warping posts the party returned to the landing and signaled the long boat. The crew was initially elated to see their crewmates rescued, when they saw Simon among the fallen the joy quickly faded. Prospero counselled hope, perhaps the Captain will know of some healer or priest in the area. They slowly rowed back to the ship.


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