Shades of Shadora

The First Waystation

From concealment the party mulled possible courses of action. Finally
Simon using the Ring of Storm ported to the edge of his vision on the far
side of the bridge with Trish. The enemy was unaware of the incursion and
continued their vigil on the bridge. Before Simon was a Hobgoblin and
Kushna, beyond were several goblins and dogs. To core a goblin guarded a
gate, monstrous breathing could be heard from the darkness behind the
gate. Using hand signals Simon gave his planned targets and movement to
Trish. Simon, seeing the light from Wildfire as Arghmon moved into position,
leapt to the attack. The Kushna and Hobgoblin were down, Trish moved forward
and targeted the nearest goblins. One of the goblins gave a great shout and
attention was focused on Trish. The party seeing the light of Simon’s
weapons moved forward with their attacks. Simon watched as the Lasheur’s
arrows struck the goblin at the gate, with an effort he reached up and
flipped the latch as Tenk’s unstoppable spear finished him. Simon charged
forward, leaped the gate and engaged a giant bull like monster. The monster
breathed a cloud of noxious green fumes that Simon dodged, but his first attacks
struck hard bone doing no damage. Trish cut down charging goblins and dogs and
then moved forward to finish the closest enemies.
As the main party started moving towards the bridge terrible screams came
from the pen Simon had entered, two Chimera’s overflew Simon and ignored Trish,
screaming “The Crown is near the master shall have it”. The main party’s
movement became a search for cover. Prospero cast armor on Roku, and Roku cast
invisibility on himself, Lasheur and Tenk attacked the lead Chimera forcing it
to the ground but still it leaped forward calling for Roku and the crown.
Arghmon cleared the corner with Wildfire bringing light to the party.
The party focused on the first Chimera with arrow, spear, and spell killing
it. The second slammed onto the landing searching for Roku, a blast of flame
was short of the party. Simon killed the Bull with two mighty blows and moved
to support the party throwing his Shurken, wounding the Chimera. Trish continued
forward into the goblins and dogs. From rim came the sounds of many goblins and
dogs, likely an army. As the Chimera leapt forward to blast the party with its
flaming breath Roku broke from his concealment, sprinted forward and leaped high
into the air bringing his sword across the necks of the Chimera. A trickle of
flame petered as his sword wedged in the third neck. Simon quickly called “Roku
recover my Shurken” as he leapt to aid Trish. A Katana swing fell one, Laramar’s
thrown axe split the skull of a second. Retrieving the axe Simon called to Trish
“Help search for the Waystation map”, Trish replied “Sounds like so much book
learnun to me, my job is over here”. Trish quickly moved to a narrowing in the
rimward tunnel and started cutting down the advancing goblins and dogs.
As Trish held back the army in the narrow Lasheur lead the search for the
Waystation map with the rest of the team support. It was painstaking process with
with time dragging. Trish’s fight became a holding action, after the first wave
had been cut down the next had fallen back and were pelting her with arrows. She
continued taunting them, laughing at their impotent sting. Finally a panel was
discovered and with focused search a latch, with a pop it dropped open and Roku
with his paper and charcoal quickly made a rubbing. Closing the panel the party
started for the exit. As Trish retreated Prospero summoned gnomes to sweep the
ledge clear of goblins as they pursued her. As Trish cleared the choke point
Prospero cast a second spell collapsing the ceiling on the lead goblins and
blocking the passage until it could be cleared.
With the map in hand Roku lead the way, the path wove through boiling geysers.
Using his magic he created a wall of darkness to block the geysers from the party’s
path. The party moved quickly ending in a narrow tunnel brightly lit by Wildfire’s
flame. Roku moved forward as scout to a T-junction in the spun direction across a
lava creek was a Hobgoblin doing magic in the creek Roku saw a molten elemental
forming, he raced back to the party to report. Simon leapt forward and using the
Rune Magic of Laramar’s Axe blasted the molten creature with three bolts of
lighting, destroying it. With a quick jump across the lava creek he slashed the
Hobgoblin pushing him into the creek as he pulled an amulet from his hand. The
party was on the move again, Simon fatigued from the heat and lava was able to keep
With Roku in the lead as scout the party moved rapidly through the tunnels.
Arghmon as rear guard with Wildfire worked to hid any traces left by the party.
In time a large underground river was discovered from the etching the next
Waystation should be on the far side. Roku spoke of some type of monster in the
water but with the poor light it couldn’t be confirmed. Prospero spotted a nearby
structure, inside were the skeletons of humans and several stone canoes and
paddles, no doubt dwarven made. Others looking across to the Waystation could see
figures moving about, but who or what they were could not be determined. To ease
Simon’s fatigue a rest was called, a meal was made and the party prepared to cross
the stream.


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