Shades of Shadora

The Second Way Station

Waystation of Graves

The journey across the river was comic, but fortunately the current was slow
and it lead to a easy landing. The figures guarding the wall turned out to be
First Era automatons. The automatons had the appearance of dwarven warriors all
were damaged and the walls they marched were rutted from their ages long vigil.
Whatever magic controlled them they were unable to leave their posts. When the
holding was entered a vast number of dwarven spirits rose seeking escape to the
halls of silence. One among them strode to the fore, the spirit of a stout dwarf
with superb armor, his body had been ravaged by disease. From the Overwatch
journals Simon asked “King Flint Grey Stone”, the spirit replied with a nod.
Scattered about the the dwarven cemetery were various books, ledgers, journals,
and scrolls. It appeared that all had been over written, torn, or burned. As
Trish began preparing Artol’s ritual to free the spirits the wizards began
piecing together the parchment fragments to tell what had happened. Tenk sent
to retrieve water for the ceremony called out. Near the river was a second
cemetery, this one with the bones of the human slaves of the elder races.
As the others worked Simon questioned King Grey Stone further. He asked
did any survive, the king nodded no, and of the Malwa, the King pointed in to
a room, within was a stair that lead into the darkness. The wizards deduced
from the writings that the Dwarves and Mawla were attacked by a Elves tainted
by chaos, wielding disease as a weapon. Lasheur confirmed this to the dismay
of his bow, a stain upon the Elves. Trish’s chant and ritual took hours,
a dwarf would step up and take the form they held in life and then make the
journey to the halls of silence. When Trish reached the King he pointed to a
second room, when investigated the team found that it held thousands of precious
stones. Uncharacteristically Trish demanded an immediate accounting, Simon
suggested that she complete her ritual for the Human spirits while the others
sorted the treasure. She would have none of it, ignoring the dead while the
treasure was split. When all was sorted into equal piles Simon allowed Trish
to choose her pile first, once secured she hurried to start her next ritual.
The treasure was to much for the party to carry so the remains were hidden
to be recovered later.
Once the human spirits were freed, the party rested allowing Trish to
recover her strength. Simon and Lasheur found the hidden map and explored
the stairway the king had indicated. As Trish rested the party discussed the
next steps, the Dwarven and Mawlan allies we sought had been slain generations
in the past, yet Elves might still reside in the Vail of Tears, if so perhaps
the Elves would seek redemption for the foul deeds of their tainted brethren.
When Trish rose from her rest the party departed for the Third Waystation, the
Vale of Tears was located at the fourth. For a great distance there was nothing
but the cutting lava flows and silence. Then Roku heard the flow of water and
smelled Trog’s ahead. The party moved forward and battle was joined. The
Trog’s blended into the rock and were difficult to see and kill. But soon
all the Trog’s that could be found had been slain. Some spell caster was
about, a deathless Elder, according to Arghmon. The Elder took over
Lasheur’s mind, causing him to loose an arrow at Prospero. Prospero shook
it off and Arghmon with Prospero’s help was able to free Lasheur from
his grip. Once free Lasheur moved forward and found the river, a giant
croctapuss attacked, Lasheur’s arrow grievously wounded it allowing
Prospero to finish him with a strike of Kindred. At the river the party
found a joining of five streams, this was not on the map, some change since
the tunnels had been discovered. Simon located a crossing point and on the
far side a boat. The Elder spellcaster was out there hidden in the darkness
with his allies.


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