Quick Summary:

  • Rank: Novice, XP: 0
  • Agility: d4e, Smarts: d12e, Spirit: d8e, Strength: d4e, Vigor d8e
  • Pace: 6 (d6), Parry: 5, Toughness: 6 (1)
  • Size: 0, Charisma: 6, Corruption: 0
  • Skills: Untrained=d4e-2; Healing=d6e+2; Knowledge Arts d6e; Notice=d4e; Stealth d6e; Streetwise=d6e; Repair=d6e; Persuasion=d8e+6; Investigation=d4e; Performance=d6e+6; Fighting=d6e; Fighting=d6e+1; Shooting=d4e-2; Throwing=d4e-2
  • Languages: Slavetongue,Traveler, Windspeech, Darktongue
  • Edges: Sorcery, Bard, Attractive, Very Attractive, Charismatic, Healer, Destiny’s Child
  • Hindrances: Code of Honor – Geisha, Loyal, Cautious

Spells and Powers:

  • Magic Type: Sorcery
  • Spell Slots: 6
  • Cantrips: Bees/Bugs/Gnats/Spiders, Arcane Mark, Mend, Message, Distract, Clean/Dirty, Change, Dampen/Dry
  • Sorcery Spells: Aid(1), Element Manipulation – Air(1), Emote (2), Bolt (1-6), Blast (2-6), Barrier(1 per section), Banish(3), Teleport(10"/3PP), Armor(2), Endure(3), Quickness(4), Slumber (2), Courage (3)

Coin and Gear:

  • Copper Scales: 0; Silver Talons: 50; Gold Fangs: 0;
  • Bedroll: A place to grab some sleep.
  • Flint and Steel: Strike a spark!
  • Gems: Gems worth 100T apiece
  • Journeyman Candle: Journeyman Candle burns indefinately, does not go out unless put out
  • Normal Clothes: Normal clothing items
  • Rations (1 Day): A day of crummy food.
  • Tailored Clothes: Tailored Clothes – Formal
  • Waterskin (1 day): Drinking warm and leathery water is better than dying.
  • Harp: Basic Portable Harp for Bards/Spellsingers/Instrumentalists


Familiar: Maelstrom


Ellisandra was sent into the world of the courtesan at a young age by her family, where she was taught the arts of persuasion. As is the custom in the Street of Silk Veils, she is considered as never having existed by her family, and she does not know who they are/were. Her family became (and still is) the courtesans she trained with. As her training began in the arts, her teachers began to notice that strange things happened when she played musical instruments or sang. They sought help from the mages of Emancia, who found that raw magical energy was generated when she sang or played the instrument. Grudgingly, the Street of Silk Veils sent her to train as a Spell Singer with the College of Passion. She has recently been made the apprentice of Prospero, and is about to undertake the walking of the Conundrum for the first time.


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