On the surface a surly and grumpy Mawla, but to those that know him, a courageous warrior


Quick Summary

Agility: d8, Smarts: d6, Spirit: d8, Strength: d10, Vigor d10
Pace: 6, Parry: 7, Toughness: 9(0)
Skills: Fighting d8 (Club 2d10), Throwing d8 (none), Notice d6, Intimidate d10

  • Initiate Raranar,
  • Improved Sweep,
  • War Cry (Intimidate in LBT Adjacent to Mawla) ,
  • Berserker,
  • Combat Reflexes,
  • Size +2,
  • Darksense (Ignore melee penalties for Dim, Dark or No lighting.)


  • Sunlight: Mawla are at a -2 on all actions in direct sunlight.
  • Outsider: Mawla tend to shun contact with other races and as such are generally mistrusted.
  • Hard of Hearing: Mawla have poor hearing and are -2 to Notice sounds
  • All Thumbs: Mawla care not for things mechanical.


  • Possession (8PP): Fanaticism, Befuddle, Wall, Multimissile
  • Divine (1 Use): Battle Lust, Seal Wound, Crush, Shield, True Weapon

Rank: Veteran XP: NPC

Other Details


The fact that Gnorl and Urzul are siblings is readily obvious form their features. Both have great lower tursks matched by smaller upper incisors protruding from long snouts. Their ursine heads have short stubby ears and wide flaring nostrils with which they constantly sniff the air. They both stand over 7 feet tall and have dense, layered fur, Gnorl’s in grey and Urzul’s in silver.

They hail from the city of Darkwash, on an island in the Sea of Steam. They are of the Glooma tribe of the 11 Shades of Grey.

They are nobles of their clan sent to the Canyonlands to deliver a holy relic – Urzul’s staff. They are broken hearted that their quest has ended so soon and are desperate to complete their holy quests given them by their priestess. A storm capsized their craft and they have drifted for a 3 days living off fish and floating wherever the current took them.


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