∞ Kabuto Kerberos

a gregarious Xern gladiator


Quick Summary

Agility: d, Smarts: d, Spirit: d, Strength: d, Vigor d
Pace: , Parry: , Toughness:
Fighting: d (damage) ; Shooting: d (damage) ; Throwing: d (damage)
Skills: Notice d,

Rank: XP:

Other Details


Kerberos was a traveller, which is odd for a Xern. This led him to be something of spectacle, attracting the attention of a troupe of mummers. Here Kabuto learned about Guha and Juggling; because, no one wanted to talk to the gregarious xern they just wanted to see him do stuff. Slowly his talent improved and he learned knife throwing and the like all the while growing a greater appreciation for Guha. Sadly, the wars that entangle Shadora ensnared Kabuto and a city the troupe was visiting was sacked. Taken captive by the lazuri he wasn’t needed for juggling so they put him into the ring. Kabuto eventually escaped but not without an animosity for the whole of slavery. He now travels as he once did seeking not to entertain and chat as he once did but to right a perceived wrong.

∞ Kabuto Kerberos

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