Bandar worshiping human martial artist


Rank: Legendary
Agility: d12e
Smarts: d8e
Spirit: d10e
Strength: d12e+1
Vigor d10e

Pace: 6/12 (d6)
Parry: 11 (8+3) Block, Acrobatics, Combat Mastery
Toughness: 10 (2)
Size: 0
Charisma: 2
Corruption: 0

Bander Cult=d8e
Knowledge Tactics=1d4e

Languages: FireSpeech, EarthTongue, SlaveTongue, Journyman

Combat Reflexes
Danger Sense
Frenzy/Improved Frenzy
Two Fisted
Champion aganist Lazuri
Level Headed
Hard to Kill/Harder to Kill
Brawny Gold Ring
Command Lazure Red Sash
Sweep Foe Flogger
Block Copper Ring
Quick Draw Pirate Cutlass

Bandar Powers
Unarmed Warrior (Initate Bandar)
Combat Mastery (Wayfarer M’Yow Lin)
Heightened Senses
Bring it On (Wayfarer Tesh Tara Jal)
Bring it All On (Tesh Tara Jal Bracers)

Flying Fist (Waymaster M’Yow Lin) (Bolt)
Cannot be Heard (Tesh Tara Jal Bracers) (Obscure)
Cannot be Felt (Wayfarier Arax: T’ha) (Intangibly)
Missile Defense (Wayfairer Hamar Tayar) (Deflection, missile weapons only)
Fists of Fury (Blast)

Possession Spells
Recover *
Befuddle *
Enh Weapon *
Protection *
Sprt Screen *
Ignite *

Divine Spells
Mirror Image(2) *
Shield(4M,1) *
Heal Wound(1) *
Fire Blade(1) *
Sun Bright(1) *
Pathwatch *
Totem Attr *
Sure Shot(1M) * On loan to Argmon
Sun Spear(1M) * Sun Pendant
Teleport(2E,1M) *
* Matrix on loan from Argmon
Sure Shot(2M) * Unstoppable Spear
True Spear (2M) *
Unstoppable Spear
Lighting (2M) ** Unstoppable Spear

Coin and Gear:

  • Copper Scales: 0; Silver Talons: 20; Gold Fangs: 4;

Smoke-stick: Thick Choking Smoke in Medium Burst Template when lit
Tangle-foot: This flask is full of sticky alchemical goo.
Acid Flask: Acid does 3d4e 1st rnd, 2d4e 2nd rnd, 1d4e third 1d6e on 1st rnd with raise
MA Bracers: Bracers that bestow Bring it All On, Cannot be heard
Gold Ring: Brawny Edge
Ring of Storms (see write up)
Stone Ring: Gnome Binding Enchantment w/bound Gnome
Foe Flogger: Superb Flail (1 Attack/1 Damage) Damage(Str+1d6+1)
o Sweep Edge (or Improved Sweep if weilder knows sweep)
o Rune Metal of Earth
o Ignores Shield/Cover Parry Bonus’s
o With Sweep, each shaken/wounded foe must also make an opposed STR roll vs. the
o wielder or be knocked back 2d6" and become prone. If a target strikes an inanimate
o object, he is Shaken which may cause additional wounds. Flying targets suffer an
o additional –2 to their Strength roll.
Fox Tail Talisman: Dagaral Rune Matrix for Sure Shot
Sun Pendant: Lazur Rune Matrix for Sunspear
Fighting Claw: Superb (1 Attack/1 Damage)
o Damage: Str+d4+1
o Unarmed Attacker add + 2 and MA damage in place of 1d4.
Shuriken(10): Superb (1 Attack/1 Damage)
o Range:4/8/16
o May Autofire 3/round (-2/attack unless Rock & Roll edge)
o e.g. roll 3 dice + the wild die with a -2 penalty for auto-fire.
o Can hit multiple targets.
Horn of Courge: See write up
Unstoppable Spear: 2 Attack/2 Damage Damage STR + 1D6 + 2
o Matrix: Sureshot x2, Lightning x2, TrueSpear x2
o Multiple targets in a straight line for 40’
o Returns to the thrower at the end of its flight
Pirates Cutlass: 3 Attack/1 Damage
o Quick Draw Edge
Valmour’s Belt: A common leather belt that looks worn from years of use (Strength + 2d)
Jade Shield Necklace: Matrix w/ 4 points of Shield
Copper Ring: Block edge
Copper Coin: +2 Stealth
2 Favor Coins





Raised by the Fel after his village was destroyed by the Lazuri, Simon learned the way of the M’Yow Lin. His activities against the Lazuri put a price on his head and forced him to leave his adopted home. He has traveled the lands of Earth honing his skills and building his strength in order to destroy his enemies the Lazuri. Even in the lands of Earth they have attacked, but now he is prepared and will not be driven off again.

His many encounters with the disease carrying Kur have given him a cleanliness complex, a minor quirk.

1) Background and Concept Elements
a. Hatred of the Lazuri Empire and all its allies
b. Gratitude to the Fel
c. Personal Honor
d. Love of the Dance
2) Two Goals
a. Simon’s goal; lift the shadow of the Lazuri Empire from the Fel.
b. Steve’s goal; attack, capture, and hold a major Lazuri Fire temple/city/fortress to thwart the Lazuri Empire.
3) Secrets
a. Known secret;
b. Unknown secret; His boyhood friend the Fel Gra-el was not killed by the Lazuri but captured.
4) Friends/Enemies
a. Friends
i. Prospero
ii. Arghmon
iii. Lasher
iv. Trish
b. Enemies
i. Igmar
ii. Lazuri Empire
5) Memories/Mannerisms/Quirks
a. Hates being dirty
b. Is becoming averse to dungeon crawls
c. Tries to do the right thing
d. Dislike dwarves


Shades of Shadora pelwer spc