∞ Takono Rann


Quick Summary

Race: Fel
Agility: d12- d10 from wound, Smarts: d6, Spirit: d6, Strength: d10, Vigor d8
Pace: 6", Parry: 8, Toughness: 8(2)
Charisma: -4 Size: 0
Fighting: d10+1 (d10+d6+2) ; Shooting: d4-2 (damage) ; Throwing: d4 (d10)
Skills: Notice d10, Climbing d6, Fighting d12, Throwing d4, Stealth d12, Tracking d8

  • Frenzy – 1 extra Fighting attack at –2
  • First Strike – May attack one foe who moves adjacent
  • Fleet-footed (Elven Boots)- Pace and running die are increased – Run Faster.
  • Sweep – Can make a Fighting attack against all adjacent targets on one action; May not be used in conjunction with Frenzy.
  • Levelheaded (Elven Boots)- Draw extra action card and keep best. – + 1 Initiative Card
  • Trademark Weapon – +1 Fighting with Family Heirloom Katana
  • Combat Reflexes +2 to Un-Shake
  • Low Light Vision: Fel ignore attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
  • Claws and Fangs: Str+d6. Never unarmed.


  • Arrogant (Major) – Must humiliate opponent, challenge the ‘leader’
  • Loyal (Minor) – The hero tries to never betray or disappoint his friends
  • Phobia(Minor-Water) – -2 On, In or Around Water
  • Bloodthirsty(Major) – Fel can be cruel to their foes, often toying with them for simple amusement. They rarely take prisoners and feel little compunction about punishing captured foes. This causes a –4 Charisma penalty among more “civilized” types.
  • Racial Enemy: The Fel are on the verge of extinction by the Lazuri. Each suffers a –4 Charisma when dealing with the other.

Spells: No Magic

Rank: Veteran XP: 35

Other Details and Gear

  • Family Heirloom Katana ( Str+d6+2 )
  • 6 Shuriken (Str, May Autofire 3/round ( -2/att w/o Rock & Roll edge) e.g. can roll 3 att + the wild die with a -2 penalty for auto-fire. Can hit multiple targets.
  • Chainmail (+2 Armor )
  • 300 Silver Talons
  • Elven Boots – Levelheaded , Fleet footed.

∞ Takono Rann

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