Trish Saturnima


Quick Summary:

  • Rank: Heroic, XP: ??
  • Agility: d8e, Smarts: d4e, Spirit: d8e, Strength: d8e, Vigor d12e
  • Pace: 8 (d10), Parry: 8, Toughness: 13 (6)
  • Size: 0, Charisma: -1, Corruption: 1
  • Skills: Untrained=d4e-2; Riding=d8e+2; Notice=d6e; Persuade=d6e; GilliamArcane=d10e;; Fighting=d12e+2+1; Shooting=d8e; Throwing=d8e
  • Languages: Slavetongue, Earthtongue
  • Edges: Block, Nerves of Steel, Two-Fisted, Ambidextrous, Florentine, Fleet Footed, Improved Nerves of Steel, Charge, Counterattack, First Strike
  • Hindrances: Clueless; Illiterate; All Thumbs

Spells and Powers:

  • Magic Type: Divine
  • Possession Spells: Disrupt(N), Detect Chaos(N), Protection(N), Ghost Blade
  • Divine Spells: Heal Wound, Consecrate, Sharpword, True Sword, Dark See, Transform Self, Slash, True Sword

Coin and Gear:

  • Copper Scales: 0; Silver Talons: 0; Gold Fangs: 0;



  • Gilliam The Ghost Gilliam has a Spirit d10 and may cast 1 spell each round as a free action. Gilliam cannot perceive the physical world, so may only cast spells upon beings touching the sword Oblivion. As a spirit, Gilliam’s Possession spells do not need 1 hour to recover, they are all always available. His Divine spells must be recovered at a temple as per the Initiate edge.
    • Possession Spells: Enhance Weapon, Protection, Spirit Screen, Enhance Attribute, Endurance, Recover.
    • Divine Spells: Heal Wound

Other Details

Keller’s Razor
Wears Chain Hauberk (+ 5 Armor)
Wears Pot Helm if going into large battles
Wields glove (+ 2 Fighting) on right hand – Trophy from a battle
Ring of Resistance – Fire Shield, Shield, Protection, Bound Undine
Masterwork Saddle
Necklace made of 18 Dragon Knucklebones
Dice made from 2 Dragon Knucklebones
Gold Ring (with fate runes) – can share bennies with other character, Lasheur currently wearing other ring
Copper Ring – Hammerhand (+ 2 damage)
Potion of Spirit (+ 1 die to spirit)


Trish grew up in a tribe of Ahay. There were many signs surrounding her birth, but the most important of those spoke of her becoming a great warrior. She has been trained from birth to that end, able to fight, throw, and shoot, as well as ride. She was never taught to read and write, due to the belief in the tribe that time teaching her to do this would prevent her continued progress in her other studies. According to her tribe, the mind of a true warrior should be sharp as the steel she carries, and scholarly pursuits like reading and writing will dull her ability to fight and lead. Advisers from the tribe would be there to direct this killing machine.

Unfortunately for her and her tribe, they were attacked by a Lazuri warparty while Trish was out guarding a tribal hunting party. When they came upon the ruins of their village upon their return, Trish and her tribesmen set out searching for survivors. They came across the dying form of their medicine man, who had managed to survive the attack through direct intervention from the Gods. He specified that the surviving hunting party go to the different villages and advise them of the Lazuri aggression.

The medicine man told Trish that he had been kept alive by the Gods for the sole purpose of directing her. Her warrior talent, which had been foretold at her birth was to come into play in some way against the Lazuri, and she was to make her way towards a settlement called Summerford and find someone named “Robart” who she was to pledge her assistance to until the Lazuri could be stopped in their bid for world domination. With this final revelation, the medicine man breathed his last.

Trish gathered the supplies she could and set out for Summerford. Along the way she met up and rescued a Lir named Walac, who in gratitude agreed to assist her in getting to Summerford. Within the month that they travelled together, Walac and Trish were fast friends, and when they arrived t Summerford, Walac agreed to assist Trish with her quest. Trish and Walac have done numerous missions on their own, but have just recently been given the opportunity to help another group that has been working with Capt Robart…

During her adventures with Walac, Trish became a devoted follower of Lord Artol, Gatekeeper of the Underworld, Judge of Souls and Lord of the dead. She is a veteran of the Battle of Summorford, well known to the Elves and Woodsmen of the Great Forest for her part in the slaying of the “vampire tree” and is currently undergoing a quest with her friend Simon. During a battle with a spirit while assisting the party in killing a Kur Disease Master, Trish’s red hair was forever marked with a streak of white. This noticeable mark from the spirit world makes people steer clear of her, for fear of bringing malice from her spirit enemies to them.

Trish was given the runesword Keller’s Razor from loot during an investigation into a mine which had been infiltrated by followers of Sinooth. The Rune Priest Edderick was directed by Lord Artol himself to give her the runesword Oblivion as a reward for stopping the headhunters during her investigation into the mines.

Trish Saturnima

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