Walac Nimrice


Quick Summary:

  • Rank: Novice, XP: 0
  • Agility: d8e, Smarts: d6e, Spirit: d8e, Strength: d8e, Vigor d12e
  • Pace: 8 (d10), Parry: 9, Toughness: 11 (4)
  • Size: -2, Charisma: 0, Corruption: 0
  • Skills: Untrained=d4e-2; Climbing=d6e+2; Lockpicking=d8e+2; Stealth=d8e+4; Notice=d8e+2; Fighting=d8e+2; Shooting=d8e+1; Throwing=d6e
  • Languages: Slavetongue, Earthtongue, Voidwail
  • Edges: Fortunate; Low Light Vision; Thief; Scamper; Fleet Footed; Danger Sense; Dodge; Marksman; Alertness; Acrobat; Quick Draw; Improved Scamper, Nerves of Steel, Giant Killer
  • Hindrances: Small (-2 tough); Curious; Stubborn; Outsider

Spells and Powers:

  • Magic Type: Divine
  • Possession Spells: Befuddle(N), Slow(N), Silence(N), Mind Speech, Extinguish, Spirit Screen
  • Divine Spells: Heal Wound, Dark Walk

Coin and Gear:

  • Copper Scales: 0; Silver Talons: 0; Gold Fangs: 0;




Other Details

Enchanted, Fine Black Leather Armor, rune inscribed (4)
Leather Armor (Reinforced (
2), (+ 1)
Superb Rapier (+ 1 to hit, + 1 damage)
Superb Bow (+ 1 to hit, + 1 damage, + 3 range)
Stealth Coin (+ 2 to stealth)
Ring of Pain Resistance (Nerves of Steel Edge)
Standard Adventure Gear (See Savage Shadora Rules)


Walac is a Lir who until recently lived in a large city (which city will remain nameless for now). His parents were brought into the city to work as cleaners to get in, behind, and under things that humans could not easily get to. Walac felt that the humans in the city (primarily the ones they worked for, and those on the “good” side of town) treated him and his parents badly, and that it was primarily due to the fact that they were Lir. He grew up with/around the children of the humans his parents worked with, which is a large reason that he can tolerate humans. He fell in with the wrong crowd, along with some of the people he grew up with, leading him to his training as a thief. His parents didn’t approve of his profession, so he left home to live with his new-found companions. The lifestyle suited him, and it soon became apparent that he had the makings of a master thief. He would try to only take jobs as his conscience would allow, which meant that he tried only to steal from those who could afford it (coincidentally these were generally those same people who tended to look down their noses at the Lir). Some of Walac’s friends from childhood began questing in old, forbidden ruins, where the lure of easy money held sway. They found that they could use someone with the talents Walac had, and they soon came to him to get them into places with locked doors and be able to check for ancient traps. They even gave him a new title…“Burglar”. Through attrition, the childhood friends either died or gave up on their pursuit of “easy money”, but Walac found that he liked the adventure of going different places and pitting his wits against people from ancient times.

Recently, he hired on with a band of adventurers as a burglar, only to have them double cross him on the way out and leave him for dead. He followed them to their camp where he found that they had been torn to pieces by inadvertently camping on a game trail. As he was recovering his gear, three large panthers leapt out of the trees at him. During the fight for his life, a female warrior, Trish Saturnima came up the trail and made short work of the large cats. Walac agreed to accompany her on her quest to go to Summerford, initially thinking that it would be good to have some protection along until he could link up with another party. However, on the way to the town, he found himself liking Trish’s uncomplicated ways so much that he agreed to stay and adventure with her…until a better offer comes along…

During his adventures with Trish, Walac became a devoted follower of Ratona, Goddess of Thieves and the Velvet Hand of Faith. He is a veteran of the Battle of Summorford, well known to the Elves and Woodsmen of the Great Forest for his part in the slaying of the “vampire tree” and is currently undergoing a quest with his friend Simon.

As Walac continues to travel with his friends, he is becoming an accomplished scout. He is spending more time in using his stealth abilities to protect the party, in the environments that they have been in. He played a significant role in the recent adventures, where Trish was tasked with discovering the presence of the followers of Sinooth in a local mine. He is hoping to have more time in the city soon, though, so he can do his proper devotions to Ratona.

Walac Nimrice

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