Salamander Familiar to Arghmon


Quick Summary:

  • Rank: Novice, XP: 0
  • Agility: d12e+1, Smarts: d8e, Spirit: d10e, Strength: d4e, Vigor d6e
  • Pace: 6 (d6), Parry: 7, Toughness: 7 (0)
  • Size: 0, Charisma: 0, Corruption: 0
  • Skills: Untrained=d4e-2; Notice=d6e; Climbing=d8e;Guts=d120e;; Fighting=d10e; Shooting=d8e; Throwing=d4e-2
  • Languages: Slavetongue
  • Edges: Elemental (Immune to Fear, Called Shots, Intimidation, Disease, Poison and Ignores Wound Modifiers), Flame Strike, Invulnerability(no-magical attacks), Fiery Touch(Str+d6 and chance of catching fire)
  • Hindrances: None

Spells and Powers:

  • Magic Type: Divine
  • Possession Spells: 0
  • Divine Spells: 0

Coin and Gear:

  • Copper Scales: 0; Silver Talons: 0; Gold Fangs: 0;


Special Abilities:

  • Elemental: No called shots; Fearless; Immune to disease/poison, +2 Shaken; 
  • Invulnerability: Immune to all non-magical attacks except  for attacks using their opposing elements.  Fire Elementals suffer 1d6 damage when doused in at least a gallon of water, +2 per additional gallon.
  • Intense Heat:  Anyone in melee with a Salamander must make a Vigor roll each round or -1  Fatigue.
    Fiery Touch: Str+d6; chance of catching fire. 
  • Flame Strike: Fire elementals can project a searing blast of flame in a Cone Template. Characters within cone must oppose Shooting with Agility or suffer 2d10 damage, plus the chance of catching fire.
  • Catching on Fire: Anytime something flammable is hit by fire, roll 1d6. On a 6, the target catches fire. Very flammable targets catch fire on a 4-6. Volatile targets, such as a person soaked in lamp oil, catch fire on anything but a 1. Each round after a victim catches fire (at the beginning of his action), roll as if checking to see if the victim catches fire again. If he does, the fire grows in intensity and does its current level +2 in damage that round. This is cumulative to +6.  Victim takes 1d10 at the beginning of each round until he is free of the flame. Only sealed, fire-proof armor adds to Toughness


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