Battle on the Stairs Loot


Hammer – EXILER

A stone hammer carved with law and truth runes that glow blue and throw off white sparks when held.
Masterwork War Hammer, AP 1 vs. Plate armor

  • Trigger: You shake/wound an enemy with a Raise
  • Effect: That enemy must make a Spirit roll Opposed by the damage done. On a failure, magical creature, not of this plane (horrors, elementals, spirits, etc) are Banished as per spell.

Bouldergrip Gauntlets

These immobile stone gloves become fluid and pliant when you place your hands inside.

  • + 4 Climbing,
  • Burrowing creatures must surface at least 1 square away and they never get the drop/surprise
  • AR + 4 vs. Earth Magic
  • + 2 resist being Pushed or Knocked Back
  • Giant Slayer Edge

Map – Weapons’s Cache, Xaar and surroundings

Crown of the Chimera

Three figurines – a lion, a dragon, and a ram – perch atop this gnarled, ornamented crown.

  • Property: Gain all-around vision -2 Gang Up ( GU doesn’t start until the 4th attacker shows up).
  • Property: Gain a +2 Persuade, +2 Heal, +2 Intimidate skills;
  • Property: Gains Frenzy or Improved Frenzy if already has frenzy
  • Power (2PP) : Standard Action, Counts as Spell. Attack: Concentrate and Summon a Cone of fire from dragon head, 2d10, Agility -2 to dodge

Battle on the Stairs Loot

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