Cloak of Feathers

A long cloak of bird feathers that spreads like wings as the wearer takes flight



For 3 PP the user gains a Fly Pace of 10" for 3 minutes,
This is a free action
User may maintain flight for 1 PP per minute

Wearer gains a +1d Ride skill when riding flying mounts
Wearer gains a +2 CHA when interacting with intelligent flying creatures [added]

The cloak is highly flammable and catches fire on a 4-6 (on d6)


The cloak belonged to a first age dwarven hero of Bandar named Laramar Lightbinder. It was discovered in his tomb on the Overwatch mountain in the Plains of Mistvoice. The cloak is considered a holy relic among some Ahay tribes

Cloak of Feathers

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