Death Rune Chalk

A bundle of chalk sticks with death runes on them


Resembles a stick of normal chalk engraved with the holy symbol of the god of death. There are 6 Sticks.

Each stick can create a single circle equal in radius to a Medium Burst Template. It can be used to draw a smaller circle, but the magic contained in each piece of chalk is good for one use only. Magical creatures wishing to cross the barrier must make an opposed Spirit check (no pun intended) against the drawer’s Spirit. If they fail, they cannot pass the barrier while the spell remains active. The circle stops the entity from passing through, but does not prevent it from using abilities such as Fear or throwing physical objects. Magical creatures within a circle when it is drawn who fail their Spirit roll are Banished and Shaken. The circle lasts until crossed by a living being of rat-size or larger (in either direction) or an hour passes, whichever occurs sooner.

Death Rune Chalk

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