Elnar's Needle

A long sleek stiletto dagger covered with runes from old empire

weapon (melee)

Masterwork Rapier ( +2 Fighting, +2 Damage, +1 Parry)

  • Rune Metal: Water
  • Armor Piercing: 4 points
  • Works Underwater: No attack or damage penalties when fighting underwater
  • Swim Skill: +2

Divine Matrix for following spells: (1 use)

  • Breathe
  • Fire Shield
  • Float
  • Water Walk
  • True Sword x2

Elnar was an elven lord and sailor of the old empire who died during the wreck of the Silver Seal. He killed the serpent that sunk his ship by jumping in its mouth and driving his parrying dagger into the roof of his mouth. While the needle served as a dagger for him, it makes a good rapier for Colby.

The thin blade is inscribed with water runes and it’s name runs it’s length in earth tongue.The hilt bears a large crystal that glows with a deep blue light when held.

Elnar's Needle

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