Gifts from Sword Village

Gifts from the grateful citizens of Sword Village


Susi: Wind Harness
The savage hawkman 0

The crafters of Sword village created these chain mail bandoliers and winged helm for Susi as a gift for his part in saving Sword Village. They used a unique alloy of materials and embedded an enchanted old empire relic within. The relic is a red agate pendant with motion runes.

Masterwork Chain mail bandoliers ( Armor 3, Weight 10# )
Edges: Quick, +2 Pace


Colby: Flame Sling and Mouse Chain

The crafters of Sword village created this sling for Colby as a gift for his part in saving Sword Village. They used woven silver and gold thread and bound a fire elemental into the reinforced silver mesh pocket.

Masterwork Sling ( Attack: Throw+2, Range: 12/24/48, Damage: Str+d4+2, Weight 1# )
Spend 1 PP to add 1d6e fire damage to attack , target may catch fire.

Colby was also given a masterwork chain mail hauberk (Armor 4, Weight 13# )

Chain mail

Prospero and Grimclaw: Silver Chainmail

The crafters of Sword village created these chain mail shirts for Prospero and Grimclaw as a gift for their part in saving Sword Village.

Masterwork Chain mail shirts ( Armor 4, Weight 16# )

Simon: Gifts of Bandar


Masterwork Katana (Attack: Fight+2, Damage: Str+1d6+4, Weight 3#, AP: 2)
Edges: Charismatic, Strong Willed, Glows as per Torch when drawn
Binding: Allied Spirit – Telpurr
Attributes: Smarts d8, Spirit d10, Priest of Bandar
Skills: Healing d6, Knowledge (Battle) d6, Persuasion d4, Survival d4, Climbing d4
Divine Powers: Heal Wound x2, Shield x2, TrueSword x2, Sunbright, CatsEye
Possession Powers: Farsee, Enhance Attribute, Enhance Combat, Light, Detect Magic
Personality: Optimistic
Goals: See the world through Simon’s eyes

Masterwork Sashi (Attack: Fight+2, Damage: Str+1d6+2, Weight: 2# )
Edges: Florentine


Katana sheath with Quick Draw Edge

Sashi sheath with Inspire Edge

Shuriken belt pouch with Rock and Roll Edge

6 Masterwork Silver Shurikens ( Attack: Throw+2, Damage: Str+2, Range: 8/16/32, Weight: 1# )
Powers: Add Sunbright effects to targets struck for 1 PP


Gifts from Sword Village

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