Keller's Razor

Runesword found on the mummified remains of an adventurer in Tessount's Folly

weapon (melee)

Broadsword with Earth and Darkness runes etched along the blade. The pommel is set with a large blue diamond.

  • Superb Broadsword ( +1 Fight, +1 Damage, 50% Weight )
  • Rune Metal ( Earth and Darkness ) Can strike magical creatures of opposing elements.
  • Amazingly sharp edge – 2 Points of Armor Piercing
  • Diamond is a Rune Matrix for:
    • Transform Self – Wolf (See Shapechange power in SWEX)
    • Slash ( Success adds d6e damage. A Raise adds +d6e1 Damage )
    • True Sword ( Roll Weapon Damage dice twice and pick the highest. Incompatible with other weapon enhancing spells. )

Keller's Razor

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