Ring of Storms

Silver ring inscribed with air runes that pulse with a dim blue-grey light


The Ring has 4 Air Runes. One is grey and no longer glows while the other three glow with a blue-grey light.

The ring has 3 powerful sylphs bound within it. The wearer may command a sylph to perform some task, but then he is free and that sylph’s mundane ring powers are lost forever – a rune will go grey.

Powers Usable in any Combination, Once a day

  • Teleport (SWEX)
  • Guided Teleport (Kilwin)
  • Tempest (Vorthod)

The ring is referenced in a number of ancient Journeymen documents in the Vaults of Eman. It was though to have been forged to imprison four ancient elemental lords. The journeyman who wore it was a prince or king that could appear anywhere on a great disk at anytime and was known to rain great storms down upon his enemies. He was cornered near the Stonerim Mountains and even though he summoned one of the elemental lords from the ring, he was slain and the ring fell into the hands of his enemies.

Ring of Storms

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