Shades of Shadora

The assault's end

Susi hits Ashook with a few arrows before he manages to duck around a building and get out of sight. Susi returns to the warehouse to help the rest of the party. Susi’s first shots knock Tilda into Cobly, who is reeling from guard attacks. Colby is sent sprawling through a doorway. In this room was summoning circle,through which step two tigers. Colby stands ready to fight the tigers, but in short order they have knocked him unconscious.

The rest of the party manages to take down everyone else that was in the warehouse, aside from Ashook no one escapes. As Prospero enters the room Colby fell into he sees two giant cats tossing around Colby’s limp form.

The cats manage to take down one of his earth elementals before they are destroyed. A quick search of the warehouse turns up a few doses of healing potion which they use to revive Colby.

In addition they find scrolls of Nerves of Fire and Damage Field. Tilda’s staff has a divine matrix for fire weapon on it. Noss had a small key tied around his neck.

When the party moves through the rest of the warehouse they discover a large ritual circle that has been cut into the stone floor. The circle is covered in blood and surrounded by headless corpses. Chained in this room is Enger the missing herbalist. Noss’ key let them free Enger who quickly casts spells to heal himself and the party. He frantically tells the party that Vallas is a blood drinking demon, Ashook feeds Vallas nightly to maintain his hold. Enger also insists that the ritual circle be destroyed.

Brine drags a keg of gunpowder to the circle, then uses another keg to create a fuse leading outside which he lights. The explosion destroys the circle. Once the fiery roar dies down, they can hear a gong coming from the village square.

Assaulting the warehouse

Colby holds still in the tree for a moment, and the guard wanders off. Seizing the opportunity Colby makes his way to the door they were guarding. Inside he can hear voices and a dog growling. A guard pokes his head out and asks what is out there getting the dogs riled. He’s told that a stray cat is around, then retorts that it should be run off before the dogs break loose. As this door closes behind the retreating guard Colby slips into the warehouse.

All the dogs are dragged off to another room to quiet their barking as Colby slips into a hiding spot.

As Simon is waiting for the second trial to start a bobcat runs up the stairs and over to Swardu and begins to growl. When he finally notices it Swardu says “Hello Leeka, where’s Thury?”, after which he and the bobcat appear to have some conversation. Looking concerned Swardu gathers some of the other masters together for a private conference.

When this group breaks Swardu pulls Simon aside. As he says hands Simon silver masterwork shurikens Swardu says “Things are not what they seem here. Save these for Vallas.” Before Simon can respond the gong sounds and he must begin climbing one of the poles.

Using the Mindspeech spell Colby relays all that he see’s to Prospero and the rest of the party. They come up with a plan where Susi will drop a dwarven grenade near the door of the warehouse as a distraction. Prospero will enter the front door with Brine, while Colby will continue searching the end of the warehouse he is in.

Prospero approaches the guards at the main door and demands to be let inside, saying that he is here to meet with Noss and Ashook. While they are being escorted through the storeroom Brine notices that it’s been stocked with torches, lamp oil, and kegs of gunpowder.

Among their possessions was a flask that emitted smoke when opened. Prospero used this when inside the warehouse, hoping that it would add to the distraction. Instead it converted one of the doors to a solid wall, which blocked the guards in the same room as Colby.

Susi also drops his grenade, and the loud explosion gets everyone;s attention. Coming from an adjacent room Colby sees both Noss, Tilda, Captain Serge, and Ashook joining the search for him and his companions.

Chaos ensues as the party try to put down the town and caravan guards, but are greatly outnumbered. Ashook attempts to flee the battle after Prospero badly injures him with a spell, but Susi chases after him.

During the trial Simon manages to wound Vallas with a silver shuriken. For a moment he sees greasy gray smoke coming from the wound, which Vallas quickly covers.

Not long after Simon is knocked from his pole, but manages to get into the final round when another competitor ho fell at the same time hit the ground first. Unfortunately Simon sustained a second wound as he takes the last spot in the final trail.

Learning the truth

Simon’s lessons to prepare him for the coming trials progress well. Along with honing his skills, the masters tell Simon a bit about his most difficult opponent, Vallas. Vallas is incredibly strong and fast, he’s also proficient with all weapons but is best with unarmed combat. Vallas’ largest weakness is his pride and arrogance.

Simon inquired about the rules for the competition. The main rule is that no spells beyond rune magic are allowed. The masters did admit that the candidates aren’at thoroughly searched, so some magic items could slip through. Getting caught with any such items is grounds for immediate disqualification.

The first test will be stealth. The candidates are placed in a series of caves and tunnels in the mountains. When they find another candidate they are to disable them, which means non-lethal damage. When this is done the half the candidates will leave the competition, going from 12 contestants to 6.

After breakfast Susi, Propero, Brine, and Colby go to see Enger the healer. The town guard are already there waiting for them, however Enger is not there. They go find the temple groundskeeper, Gare, to get a key to Enger’s room.

Enger’s room has been completely turned upside down. All of his drawers were emptied and dumped on the floor. All of the guards save one leave to inform captain Serge. Susi and Prospero sift through the scattered papers trying to find anything explaining the ingredients Brine saw Ham purchase. They come across many recipes, most are for antitoxins of one sort or another.

Once they finish the search they go to see Gare again. Gare says the temple was locked tight before he went to bed, and he had no idea Enger was missing. Gare then takes the group too see something he intended to report before the guards dragged him to Enger’s room.

Several of the graves have been opened, as if something inside forced its way out. Colby notices odd scratched marks on the head stones. These are identified as runes for death, chaos, and man. An examination makes the runes look to be seven or ten days old. Prospero declares these runes to be necromantic, and a major component to raising the undead.

At Colby’s suggestion they party goes through the graveyard and removes similar runes from another dozen headstones. The guards didn’t patrol the graveyard, but after this discovery it will become part of their routes.

The party then heads to visit Helmund at Malo’s blacksmith shop. Helmund claims that the dagger Colby wanted has been lost, but if properly motivated he can search for it. After a brief discussion Colby agrees to the price of 1,200 silver for the blade and the exchange is made. The blade was appraised at a full price of 4,000 silver.

They ask Helmund to show them the supplies Malo received just prior to his death. Brine confirms the water is from the sundered sea. Prospero cant tell the origin of the ore, but all seems well with it.

Helmund suggests that Malo’s journal might have some notes on it. Reading the last entries reveals that Malo thought the ore to be from the Firewall mountains, instead of Stone Rim mountains. This was a vastly inferior ore, and comes from deep in the Lazuri empire.

Helmund then says that he doesn’t wish to remain here hoping for a new apprenticeship, and goes off to see Captain Ward about signing on with the party’s ship.

The last place the party wanted to stop was the Low Temple. Before arriving there they spot a dwarf that Prospero recognizes as a fire sorcerer. The dwarf says his name is Noss and he arrived with the caravan. Noss is merely an apprentice to the caravan leader, Ashook the Finder from the College of Perception. Noss says the ore came from a mine his cousins run in the Stone Rim mountains.

After Noss departs, Colby heads back to Helmund to get a sample of the ore as evidence. With all the conspiracies and deaths from this Caravan he fear’s for Helmund’s safety, and offers to walk with him to Captain Ward.

Susi goes into the low temple and speaks with Tilda. He tells her of the zombie attack and asks if he might peruse the books to discover some source behind it. She agrees and helps locate books for his research. She helps for a while before beggin off to make preparations for a ceremony. As she departs Susi sees her slip some papers into her pocket.

Prospero goes to find Father Thury. The two speak for a while before Prospero reveals all that the group discovered. The ore, zombie attacks, Lazuri in the caravan, the missing healer, Vallas’ rune tattoos, and runes on the gravestones. Thury is in shock, he can only think that Prospero is paranoid and demands some proof of all these allegations. Prospero says that Susi saw the tattoos on Vallas and he could draw them.

When they find Susi they interrupt his reading to have him draw the runes he saw. Thury is very surprised, and agrees that they are binding runes. Not just binding runes, but other very obscure ones are masking runes. Then Tilda appears at the top of the stairs, saying it’s unfortunate that they discovered so much. She then closes and locks the door.

Elsewhere, Colby and Helmund never make it to the docks. They spot Noss talking with the town guard and pointing in their direction. Colby turns down the shortest path to the low temple to regroup with Susi and Prospero.

When Colby arrives he can hear Prospero summoning earth elementals who then break open the door allowing everyone out of the basement.

The temple is completely empty. Father Thury halts their search for Tilda to review what all they know. Brine, Colby, Helmund, Prospero, Susi, and Thury all exchange information and plan what to do.

Thury says that the maskin runes come from malomorphs, shape shifters. They can’t be found with divination or other methods of detection. Even if Vallas isn’t a malomorph his aura is hidden. There is no way to reach Simon, or anyone at the high temple, since it will be closed until the trials are complete.

Simon succeeds in the first trial, he placed in the top 4. He received a single wound, from an encounter with Vallas.

The next test was for missile weapons. On each of the landings of the 10,000 steps 18 poles are set up. The candidates will climb the poles then attempt to knock off their opponents with ranged attacks.

Brine, Colby, Susi, and Prospero all meet with the blacksmith’s guild. It takes several hours of conversation before the guild agrees that something must be done. They agree to assist the party in any way they can.

Colby asks them to examine the new armor and weapons gifted to the guards from the caravan. Prove that it’s Firewall Mountain ore, which could reveal the caravan to be from Lazuri lands. Then the smiths are to re-equip the guards, this should negate the bribe the caravan offered them.

Thury offers to go with the master smiths, he knows which guards will be best to work with during their investigation.

Colby offers to scout the warehouse the caravan is staying in that night. The rest of the group will be staying in a house across the street.

Prospero casts invisibility on Colby who uses a Mindspeech spell to keep in communication with the group. While casing the place Colby finds himself in a tree, when a guard happens to notice him despite the concealment.

Surrounded by Spies

Brine, Colby, and Susi stay at the high temple watching the sparring until it is time for evening prayers. After his devotions Simon went to his room and Telpurr came to visit him. Telpurr asked Simon about his travels to reach the temple. He comments that they have a common trait in their ongoing hunt for Lazuri. Then Telpurr confirms that that Vallas did come here on a sword quest given to him by a vision.

Simon professes his concerns about Vallas’ behavior. His violence when teaching and sudden killings of so many spies. Telpurr is noncommittal and says “Who’s to say? Perhaps we have been too lax.”

Then Telpurr tells Simon how the trials will go. They will last three days and culminate in Bandar’s Holy Day. Three masters, Jaymar, Mundar, and Athaa, would be assigned to help Simon prepare for the trials.

Before he leaves, Simon asks Telpurr to examine a sword blade he discovered some time ago. Telpurr is very surprised when he holds the blade. He says it is an ancient blade that has been sought for centuries. The sword has been called Doom’s Razor, God Killer, Sword of Order, and Sword that must not be drawn. The Lazuire fashioned compasses that would detect the pieces. The hilt and guard are missing, but the compass Simon has should help find them. Telpurr doesn’t know the sword’s destiny, but cautions that danger will follow it and that it must be kept safe. Telpurr will have research done to try and find any clues on the location of the remaining pieces.

Brine, Colby, Prospero, and Susi convene at their hotel room and exchange what they’ve learned. Then they call in the inn keeper to ask him about some of the recent occurrences.

Berti, the inn keeper, says that the master blacksmith Malo’s death was extremely odd. Malo was well accustomed to handling such loads. The caravan that delivered the ore is still in town, in fact they are talking of taking up residence. The caravan guards saw the accident and might be able to explain more. The merchant leading the caravan, Ashook, as well as his guards are staying by the shrines. Ashook has even purchased new armor and equipment for all of the village guards.

Brine asked about the ingredients Ham bought for the temple, wonder what sort of tea could be made from them. Berti was unfamiliar with the recipe, but suggested talking to Engar the local healer and herbalist.

Father Thury’s wife was a sad event. She was well liked around town and was the main dance instructor for Bandar. She didn’t seem quite old enough to die in her sleep.

Vallas arrived in town in an unusual way. He swam into the harbor with no memory of where he came, just a burning desire to serve Bandar. Within a tenday of arriving Vallas began to discover spies hidden around the town, include some townsfolk who had been there for years. The villagers try to stay out of his way now.

Berti also said there was betting on the trials. The final event happens in the sword village, and Berti could take their wagers if they were interested.

After Berti and Bruna leave Brine notices that the scars on the slave girl they rescued, Dora, were in the same places as Vallas’ tattoos. Along the neck, arms, and wrists. Susi draws the tattooed runes he saw on Vallas for Propsero to consider. Prospero couldn’t say their true intent, but they were very similar to ones he’d seen used to bind elementals. He couldn’t say what might have been bound, and conceded that in fact it could be Vallas who was bound by the runes.

Late at night Simon was awaken with the sound of someone moving around. He followed the sound to Vallas’ room, but when he opened the door no one was inside. The window sill was scratched up, as if a clawed their way in. Simon then hears the sound of flapping large wings, however he can see nothing in the darkness outside. Simon then climbs onto the roof of the building to await Vallas’ return.

Not long after Simon is awoken, Susi is awoken by noises on the roof of the inn. When he tries to the find the sound he spots zombies of recently dead villagers climbing down. Susi raised the alarm and the party quickly dispatched the undead.

They call the guard in to investigate the attack. They say this is very strange and collect the bodies. Susi flies up to the roof and finds a woven grass mat there. He brings it down and shows it to Prospero, who recognizes it as a homing circle. The guards ask us to visit the healer to see if he might know what called the zombies.

After the attack at the inn Simon sees Vallas returning. Vallas notices Simon on the roof and calls up to him. Vallas claims that he couldn’t sleep and went out for a run down the 10,000 steps. He further says he used his window to avoid waking any of the other monks.

Welcomed to the Sword Village

As the party approached the sword village they were stopped at the gates and carefully questioned by the guards. It took quite a while for the guards to be satisfied that we weren’t spies and let us enter the town.

Simon and Susi went directly to the temple. They were stopped again by guards at the gate to the stairs up to the temple. Security seemed unusually high, the guards claimed this was to prevent Lazuri spies from getting through.

The trip up the 10,000 stairs was uneventful, but at the top the monks greeted them. When Simon said he was on a holy quest to see Master Telpurr he was asked to wait in the village below, Master Telpurr is ill. Simon insisted and was told Master Vallas Razorclaw warned for them that someone like Simon would be coming, and that they should keep watch for this individual.

Eventually the initiates agree to escort Simon and Susi to the main temple, but the pair are closely watched the whole way.

Brine and Prospero head to the inn to secure lodgings for the party. With a generous payment the innkeeper, Berti, gives Prospero excellent rooms and offers to extend any service including meals and laundry to his new guests.

Colby decides to aimlessly wander the village and see what’s around. One of the nicer shops is a well appointed blacksmiths place, with brand new equipment. All around is hammering and metal being worked, yet this place is silent. A teenager is there cleaning, Colby approaches him and asks why this place is so quiet. The boy, Helmund, explains that the he was apprenticed to the former master here, but the master, Malo, was killed in an accident with an ore delivery.

Intrigued by the high praise Helmund gives to Malo, Colby asks to see some of the things he had made. The pieces the boy shows certainly demonstrate the extreme skill the master had. Colby asks about buying a particular dagger he saw, Helmund says that he will inquire with the guild about a price for it.

At the main temple Susi and Simon are again stopped and aggressively questioned by the guards. Simon repeats his tale of the vision, and is warned that Telpurr is sick and not accepting visitors. Despite this Simon and Susi are allowed inside and directed to speak with one of the other masters.

Master Athas approaches Simon and after a brief talk checks his aura. Athas discovers that Bandar has found Simon ready for his trials. Athas comments that there are many worthy candidates for the trials, and they should be very interesting.

Simon inquires about the excessive security Athas explains that Vallas Razorclaw has been insisting on it. Vallas says that their security is very poor, and has been working diligently to get the monks ready for anything.

While they are speaking Vallas walks in carrying two heads. He throws the heads to the ground and shouts that they were spies, their presence was permitted due to the lack of vigilance. Spotting the new comer, Vallas approaches Simon. Once again Simon is obliged to explain the vision that brought him here. Vallas says that Master Telpurr sees no one, but usually will permit Vallas an audience. He offers to bring Simon to Telpurr, and they are permitted to see the ailing master.

When Telpurr sees Simon he asks “What took you so long?” Then Telpurr says he is looking forward to working with both Vallas and Simon, getting them prepared for the upcoming trials.

As Colby leaves the blacksmiths shop he stumbles into Prospero and Brine, who are headed for the temple in Sword Village. As they approach the temple Colby spots an old man solemnly talking to the tombs and arranging flowers by one of the a cairns. Colby stops to talk with him while Prospero and Brine enter the temple.

Colby learns that this old man is Father Thury, who was visiting his departed wife. Thury and his wife used to run the low temple, in fact he was an adviser to the high temple as well. He arrived here with Telpurr and was around as Telpurr built the high temple.

Inside Prospero and Brine meet Master Tilda, who asks if the wizard is coming to convert to the light? Prospero says no, but he is curious about Bandar’s faith as he is travelling with some devotees. Tilda takes them to a store room filled with scrolls and books of all sorts, she offers them a tome containing the history of the religion but warns that the book is very valuable and must remain in the temple.

Brine is less interested in the books and leaves the temple. He runs into a child named Ham who is running errands for the temple. Brine impresses him with his ability to shape shift, then offers to go with the boy as he does his errands. After shopping Ham leads Brine up the 10,000 steps to the high temple. Colby catches sight of them and chases them up the stairs.

At the high temple Colby, Brine, and Ham arrive to see Vallas and Simon training the initiates. Vallas’ teaching style is brutal while Simon is careful and supportive. Vallas challenges Simon to a sparring match, but Master Athas intervenes saying that such things should be saved for the trials.

Mired in sargasso

The Fallen Oranna presses on through the fog bank toward the Horn Cove. Suddenly the ship lurches to a halt throwing crew members from the rigging. The fog concealed a dense bed of sargasso which the ship is mired in.

At the captains orders the crew grab axes and drop over the sides to chop away the seaweed. Colby questions the captain about the seaweed. Unfortunately the captain had never been in this part of the ocean before, but in warm waters such as these all manner of things might grow.

Susi takes to the air to try and find the edges of the sargasso. The fog limits his vision, but the gulfweed doesn’t seem to extend too far. Before scouting too far away movement catches the Vrawk’s eye. Something was causing ripples in patches of water amid the sargasso. When Susi wheels around to investigate, but the disturbance continues toward the Oranna.

Colby offers to wander over the kelp and see what he can find, his eyes being better in such gloom. He quickly becomes distracted by walking across the water and doesn’t remain alert. He does notice an odd mound, or hill, made from the sargasso along the far edge.

Grimclaw peers over the edge of the ship and notices that the crew members have vanished. The axes they were using against the seaweed are still there, but the men are gone.

A Grimclaw roars out a warning, several newtlings burst up through the sargasso and grab hold of Colby. The attempt to drag him under, but the tiny Lir squirms from their grasp.

Simon flings out his javelin, spear fishing for the newtlings from the deck of the Oranna.

While running toward an arbalest Brine spots several newtlings climbing up the other side of the ship and dashes across the deck to engage them.

As Colby approaches the ship he sees more newtlings scaling the hull. He cuts one of them down before scampering up a rope ladder to the deck.

Despite their large numbers against them Simon, Brine, Grimclaw and Prospero manage to drive them back killing many of the newtlings. Hovering over the kelp Susi’s bow makes quick work of any enemies moving toward the ship.

Thinking that the mound he saw was some sort of hive for these creatures Colby directs the crew manning arbalest and canons to aim for it.

Once they are driving from the Oranna the remaining newtlings dive underwater to hide. Simon leaps over the bulwarks to chase the fleeing newtlings. He makes it to the mound when the newtlings leap out of the water and quickly surround him. A shaman was waiting there and begins casting hexes on Susi. Just as Simon begins to take control of the fight an Eye of the Deep bursts out of the water and turns the fight back against Simon.

Simon teleports out of the melee just as Prospero lobs a fireball into the heap of foes that had collected where was only a moment before.

All of the enemies took refuge beneath the seaweed once again. Brine dives into the water, instantly changing to his shark form to pursue the Eye of the Deep.

Badly wounded, Simon calls for aid and Father Vargas steps in to heal him. Restored Simon tucks Colby under and arm and leaps off the deck calling for Susi to speed them into the battle. Susi swoops in and grabs them, whisking them right to the mound.

In a pitched battle neither Brine or the eye are able to gain advantage. On top the seaweed Colby and Simon cut through the kelp and discover that the missing crew members had been imprisoned inside the mound.

Simon begins a thorough investigation of the mound, while Susi begins to carry the unconscious men back to the ship. Colby dives into the water, hunting the shaman. With a bit of luck Brine and Colby manage to score solid blows on their opponents. The shaman and Eye of the Deep turn and escape into the dark depths of the ocean.

Once everyone has been carried from the mound Simon discovers a jug of healing balm. With the newtlings gone the Oranna is quickly cut free from the kelp and the journey toward the Horn Cove is resumed.

As the ship emerges from the fog bank the crew gives a cheer as land and friendly shores are finally in sight.

The Wreck of the Silver Seal
As the ship pulled near the last known location of the Silver Seal, the priest that the party had rescued began to shuffle about uncomfortably. He asked the Captain if they would be stopping, so he called the party to the till where the debate was had out. Simon had no interest in going into the water, though was fine with acting as a back up if things got too messy. Susi absolutely refused to do any such thing as set a talon in the water, happy to soar about above deck while the party entered the water. Brine of course was ready to jump in the water no matter what. Colby, the newest traveling companion just heard the words treasure and nearly jumped into the water alone. After much cajoling Brine and Colby finally convinced Prospero and a few crewmen to come along as well. p. Once they had decided to use the shells to breath underwater, they discussed how best to light the way. Someone convinced Colby to hold onto a cannon ball, cast a light spell on it, and cast it over board, Colby gripping it all the way to the bottom where a burst of dirt and sand from the bottom of the ocean clouded his vision. Brine leaped in after and scouted out a bit, at first ensuring Colby was alright, then moving a bit further out to find the wreck. He scouted out a bit further and found the wreck, then swam to the surface to let the others know. “Guess its time then” a crew member shouted, grabbed a cannonball and jumped into the water. Prospero looked at the rest of the crewmen and shrugged, then jumped in after, lit cannonball in hand. Brine went further towards the wreck when a shadow passed over him. He looked and found an enormous turtle, covered in runes. The turtle began communicating with him, letting him know that he was the guardian of the ship. Brine worried what this might mean, so grabbed Prospero and dropped him on the turtle’s back. Propero began to question the turtle, learning that it’s master had put him here long ago to guard the wreck. As long as the ship was not damaged, they seemed to be okay. Prospero also examined the runes while he was on it’s back. They were runes that appeared to grant control over it, and they were rather nasty, being the runes of a war God of the water element. There were some markings on the primary rune however, which caused a momentary pause for Prospero. p. In the end he figured the treasure might be worth while, so he, Brine and Colby entered the wreckage of the ship. Colby and Prospero went fore, Brine swam aft to see the what they could find. Colby and Prospero immediately began noticing an oily substance in the water. They questioned the turtle about it, but its response was hesitant and slow witted, noting that the oil appears to make him queasy. Brine on the other hand found the cargo hold, and after poking around a bit found some metal urns and other semi-valuable items. He swam out to let the rest of the party know, and the crewmen began to unload much of the cargo. He then caught up with the other two party members and they tried to find where the oil was coming from. As the left the ship they noted an enormous serpents skeleton wrapped around the ship. The turtle let them know that was what had taken it down in the first place. p. Turning a corner around some rocks the fissure in the ground came into view, with a slow trickle of nasty horrific oil coming out of it. They also noticed some additional movement in the water, and two large sea serpents with human heads approached. The vision of the chaos creatures shook Brine to his core, and Prospero was momentarily struck with the sight as well. The party steeled themselves then began the attack, Brine transforming into a shark and biting at the nearest one right away. Prospero summoned a couple of gnomes to fight and Colby began trying to stab them. The gnomes proved pretty ineffectual, but he began to find ways to hurt them with bolts and other earth magics. The serpents tried to wrap up and constrict the party, but Brine and Colby were too quick and small to be caught, and Prospero knew to stay back where he was the most useful, able to fire off spells. p. The fight quickly began to go the in party’s favor, Prospero bringing down one of the serpents and Brine taking a large chunk out of the other. When the blood from these creatures began to enter the water, there was a crackling noise and movement from the fissure. Something of pure Chaotic nature began to come through, baying for blood. He chastised his minions, and called the turtle to attack as well. Colby, thinking quick, used a spell to confuse the turtle successfully. The turtle could not decide if it should attack the party, which was enough time for them to get away. Brine took one more bite at the remaining serpent then scooped Colby up and swam for his life. Prospero grabbed on to his fin and they made it back to the boat, only taking one last chance to sneak a peak at the horror from the fissure. All that was visible was a flailing tentacle with an eye on the end, and a scream in their head demanding blood sacrifice to set him free. They looked at each other as they rode to the ship and quickly acknowledged that their greed and curiosity nearly unleashed an unnamable horror onto Shadora. Prospero laughed nervously, Colby stroked his hands, and Brine kept trying to hold down his twitching left gill.
Lonely Shore Pirates

With Captain Adair at the tiller we took took the small cutter down the coast to the Pirate
haven. Brine swam along in his shark form, keeping unwanted predators away from the boat. Captain
Adair had us approach a tall cliff in moderate seas, he pointed out a lookout post above. Susi
flew slowly to the top lifting Simon. Simon signaled to be dropped and silenced the sentry with
quick blow from behind. The party climbed the cliff, Grimclaw was stuck in the boat until
Prospero summoned a gnome form a set of step for him to climb. Moving out from the lookout post
the party moved into a giant cavern overhanging a natural bay several hundred yards. Within were
three ships. The Fallen Oranna, a pirate ship afloat and a third beached being worked on right
before the party. The pirates had found a formidable home, clear of the elements and easily
defended. Cannon were scattered around on strong points to protect the bay entry.

Simon elected to sneak past the ship builders but was unsuccessful, having a 500 lb Grimclaw
along in narrow passages was proving to be an unexpected challenge. A diversion fire had been
started drew everyone’s attention but the also brought pirates from the passage way the party
was headed down. With the alarm sounded it became a fight between individual party members and
many pirates. Simon subdued seven by shouting to surrender to Captain Adair or die. Two men and one of the officers refused the offer. Susi, Prospero, and Brine headed up the tunnel to one of
the cannon strong points. The cannon blasted down the tunnel barely missing Susi and Brine.
Melee’s broke out and the pirates were quickly dispatched. Susi took to the air and Brine
leaped into the bay. Susi attacked a second strong point across the bay and downed three more
pirates, Brine surfaced assumed human form and attacked a group of pirates on a narrow beach
an the bay’s far side. Prospero eyed the narrow rope bridge that spanned the bay, the pirates Susi was fighting had lowered it to water level. Simon ran across the bay to the floating pirate
ship and engaged another six pirates, once the officer was dead the others surrendered to Captain Adair. Simon leaped to the Fallen Organna and dispatched another officer and three pirates.
Captain Ward rowed to his ship and began preparing it for sea. As the others finished off their
opponents and Prospero sniped at the odd pirate from his ledge Simon ordered Captain Ward to rig
an Alchemist fire among the pirates ship many barrels of gunpowder. When all the opponents had
fallen, Simon looked up but Captain Adair and all the captured pirates had disappeared.

Escape from Pirate's Cove

Starting in the depths of the pirate’s cove after fighting what the party thought was the vast majority of the hoard, and abandoned by their guide, cpt Adair
- Adair asks for Simon’s surrender as he attempts to blow up their ship. Simon decides he should go find a crew and hold off on blowing the ship up.
- the rest of the group sees a scout and hear shouts asking for their surrender. Grinclaw and Susi attempt to stop him as he looks into the cave system he is peaking out of. Susi loses a bow striking him in the thigh bringing him down. He is dragged into the caves.
- Grimclaw approaches the entrance and a giant explosion issues from the tunnel which he narrowly avoids.
- Simon races across the water to attack his tormentors, while Susi launches his battle battle through a tunnel and the party hears screaming and chaos coming from where his tormentors were.

- While Simon races towards a cave entrance a few crossbow bolts fly at him. He is struck by one of them and he pauses a moment to deal with the pain. He takes cover as he hits the entrance to the tunnel and tries to see what is coming for him. A volley of shots come at him again hitting the walls around him. Simon charges into an opening in the caves

- Prospero and Brine follow Grimclaw up to the ledge to see what damage they can do. Prospero summons 3 gnomes to his aid who crush a pirate who is staring blankly at a magic being that emerged just after a ball of destruction was flung his way. Brine runs after Prospero and nearly runs into him as he had cast invisibility on himself.

- Some of the pirates throw a keg of powder at the rampaging battle ball and everything else they can get their hands on to no avail. The terror settled into their bones as the rolling dead smashed their companions into meal. A flask is thrown at the ball and it begins to slow
- Susi flies another entrance of the opening where his battle ball is doing damage, pulls out his bow and slays one of the guards of that entrance distracted by the mayhem of his battle ball.

- The pirates shoot at the gnomes with their crossbows but the bolts just bounce off. A pirate rattles off a spell and the gnome disappears.
– Simon suggests Cpt Ward throw a grenade at his enemies and a number of arrows go flying towards Ward suddenly.
- Susi loses another arrow that smashes through his target while his battle ball bounced around the room to bound off one of the gnomes in the room.
- Prospero gets to the entrance of the room and slashes his throat. His gnomes move on the pirates in the room, but are unable to land blows.
- Simon picks up a smoke stick from his bag, ignites it with a spell and throws it, then dives behind more cover. He attempts to throw his javelin at a murder hole from which the pirates are attacking him. His attack hits though he does have a bad feeling. The pirates takes the hit and stares stunned as the javelin disappears into Simon’s hand.
-Susi flies into the tunnel system and recalls his battle sphere then takes a shot at an enemy just next to him he did not see till he entered, killing him.
- With the battle ball gone, Prospero and Brine go rushing in to lay waste to the pirates in the opening. The pirates push back, emboldened by the sudden lack of a rolling death. While Brine kills his first attacker, a magic user hits Prospero with a bolt which dissipates in a blast of air.
- Simon rushes past the ships towards stairs to get at the assailants in the murder-holes along the walls he had been facing. After searching for a time he finally finds a secret passage into the passage where the murder holes were, and he began slaughtering the men as they stood waiting for him to appear. He mowed through them, bringing one down after another until the tunnel was filled with blood and bodies.
- Prospero, Brine and Susi struggle as wave after wave of pirate come out or stairwells and alcoves. A few well placed ax blows, spells and trident lashes take down pirates, but two more seem to pop up where the previous scallywag stood.
- as Prospero and Susi battled, Propero ended up side by side as they slew the pirates. Propero handed Susi a healing potion. Susi nodded, stoic as always, and Prospero laughed, winked and said ”be careful, that is my last one”
- After the pirates were defeated, the group wandered through another tunnel and found a prison filled with captains and officers begging for released. They all had a story to tell, but the time was short for the party. Prospero, Susi and Grimclaw all looked around more and found another set of tunnels leading to a beach, and fleeing pirates. Prospero returned to an alcove filled with an alchemists set up. There is a chest from a member of the inner workings and they loaded that, along with a number of other supplies, onto their ship.
- The party, cpt Ward, and the rescued prisoners get on the Oranna and prepare to set sail. Simon sets a trail of gun powder leading the the barrels of gun powder and alchemists fire he had set, drops a torch and teleports to the ship. In a huge plume of smoke and flame the ship bursts into an orgy of fire, ship parts and chaos. Susi flies over after having killed the fleeing pirates and the party sets full sails to Port Labor to pick up the rest of the Cpt.’s crew. most of the prisoners take off, but Trish, Elesondra and a prisoner, Colby Jack, decide to stay around.
- The former captive tell the party the best way to get to the Tiger Temple is to go round the horn, past the wreck of the Silver Seal, a hard right past the land of Gyle, around the Ogre’s Tooth, trying to avoid the Chaos on the sea, past the troll lands, and they should be able to find temple and the Tiger Temple soon past that.

Escape the Volcano and the Battle of Port Labor

With the dragons beyond reach the party moved to a cooler chamber some distance from the
lava lake. After a rest began the ascent to the Lava Bridge. As Simon rounded the final
corner to the bridge he leaped back, a troop of Lazuri were on the bridge. They had forced
the first Portcullis but were still struggling with the second. Susi drew his new bow and
using the rimward tower as a screen moved to the top. As a shout when out from the center
of the bridge Prospero cast invisibility on Simon who sprinted to the top of the coreward
tower as Susi opened fire.

Simon leaped to the bride rail and sprinted to the center of the bridge throwing his javelin.
The javelin sailed through the first two Lazuri but then fell to the bridge. For some odd
reason Simon’s invisibility spell held for the entire melee, Prospero has many theories but all
seemed farfetched. Brine moved to the mounted arbalest and joined Susi shooting into the Lazuri.
Prospero moved up to the coreward tower and summoned two sentinels on the Lazuri side of the
portcullis. The ships officers and Captain Adair moved to the portcullis and stabbed at the two
green sash’s that were trying to raise it. A chaotic horror, a huge floating eye with a dozen
smaller eye stalks attacked shooting rays from its eyes. Susi quickly put an arrow into its main
eye. Simon battled through the charging Lazuri. The Priests summoned Salamanders and bolts of
lava but Susi and Brin quickly destroyed the salamanders. The Sentinels killed the Lazuri near
the portcullis and started moving to aid Simon.

As the footmen fell the priests retreated. Susi seeing them flee fired at them killing the first.
The second made it several steps before he wounded him. Simon leaped and slashed the floating
horror killing it, landed and tossed his three shurken killing the last priest. Simon quickly
recovered his thrown weapons while the others looted the bodies. As the party left the bridge
Prospero turned and using his wand of the Earthquake destroyed the bridge. As it began to fall
Prospero broke the wand and threw the pieces onto the bridge. The mountain shook and roared as
the bridge fell the party quickly moved to the entrance where they meet with Captain Ward and the
other freed slaves. Prospero turned to the entrance and using his Earth Shaping powers collapsing
the entrance.

While party was in the volcano Captain Ward had organized the slaves we has send to the surface.
Using the captured weapons the small army marched on Port Labor. The battle lasted through the
night to the rising of the sun. The Lazuri’s overwhelming position was turned when Simon and
Brine attacked from the depths. They quickly captured the docks and threw the Lazuri into a
panic. On the landward side Captain Adair lead the strongest of the surviving miners and with the
help of Susi’s Battle Ball was able to clear the wall. Disaster was closely avoided when Agmar’s
body guard attacked at the breach. Simon seeing the danger from the docks sprinted to Adair’s aid
blocking the attack. As the sun rose the remaining miners took the rest of the wall. But with the
docks freed the Lazuri and pirates quickly retreated to the ships and escaped.

In the aftermath Captain Adair came up with a daring plan to follow the fleeing pirates in a
small cutter to their home port and attack them there. With few options it was agreed to depart
after the party had rested. Having won the field of battle the wounded and stranded enemies were
quickly captured. The parties wounded were gathered and treated. The city was searched and
treasured distributed.


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