Shades of Shadora

The Dragon's Hideaway

The Wizard’s hear a familiar voice in their heads as they step from the Gardener’s Path, “Children of Flame and Stone. You have returned to me in my time of need. Welcome, Welcome and well met.”

Summoning Stones
Party needs to save Farmer Ned and family from beign sacrificed

The gardener’s path was intercepted by a band of hobgoblins in the midst of summoning a chaotic horror. Cushna emerged from the fiery pit and began to feast on the the captives.

Lazuri Camp
Sneaking past the Lazuri stronghold in the Thicket

Party had to sneak past the Lazuri camp to continue on the Gardner’s Path. Prospero took control of their dinosaur allies and sent them on a rampage through the camp while Lasheur picked off the watchtower sentries.

Spider Demon
The Gardener's Tale

“What?” choruses the entire party and Brenna-Orm together.

“It’s true. I, Anadan Mosswalker, planted the thicket. Now, before you stand in too much awe of this feat, I should tell you is was an accident. Over 1000 years ago, during the golden reign of the Gods Age, I stumbled across the ruins of the lost temple. However, it is more than a temple. More like a Journeyman outpost, monastery, or small city. I was but a Priest at the time and a large force of zombie’s and goblins, under the spell of the Lich Ahn-Denair, had taken up residence in the ruins. I fear this is the same lich you encountered.

Among the Yatahay

The dark race to Lakehome is a blur. The bears that forage these parts are asleep in their lairs and you ride on unmolested. The first 3 hours are easy upon the well worn dirt road but after that the road narrows to a foot path and you must slow your mounts and travel single file lest the horses misstep in their haste. You estimate that you are an hour away from the village when Lasheur says, “We are no longer alone. There are two on each side of the trail that move as we do and blend into the shadows when we pause.”

Deceit in the Common Room

Word of your success still fills the common room at the Adventurers Guild. Mainly this is due to the fact that adventurers continue buying you drinks to hear your tales. Traveling bards and minstrels are shouted off the stage until Prospero or Arghmon tell the tale of the conundrum or Simon and Lasheur tell their version of the Temple Siege and the slaying of the T-Rex. Some nights the crowd demands the tale of the Berry Quest or shooting the rapids and the battle with lord griffon as a Harvest Guard. The story of Berrik’s Shade is also a popular one and it is this tale that you find yourself telling this night.

Air Temple Epilogue

The dawn breaks over the grisly scene at the air temple. Wildfire finishes his work to insure that the ogres never rise again as Prospero sends his new “pet” back to the thicket. You search the bodies and find some coin and a strange bronze key around the neck of one of the ogres.

The Forth Wave

You carry the strange wooden box that Lasheur called a Lore Ward to the altar to check on Master Galen’s status. Grey Arrow and Two Feathers have borne Master Rayne and Chance to the altar where Jarvus awaits. Neither is moving.


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