Disease in Shadora

Shadoran diseases work slightly different than what is described in SWD on pg. 87. These rules augment those. Barring magic, healers from the Xarandar and Aguala cults can cure a disease at their temple hospitals in 1d6 days.

Diseases are contracted through the means described in SWD: touch, induction (bite or cut), and airborne. Additionally, chaotic spirits of disease may possess a victim and make them a carrier. These victims can spread the disease by touch or induction. Chaotic spirits can also infect food sources like grain stores or wells and spread their disease by induction. Some chaotic creatures, like the vile Kur, are immune to disease but are themselves carriers and spread infection by defecating on their weapons before combat. Lastly, priests of Drith, goddess of disease and suffering, may expose victims to disease with powerful divine spells.

Upon being exposed by any of the means mentioned above, the character must make a Vigor roll. If they succeed they have successfully fought off infection. If they fail, they continue making Vigor rolls until they succeed. The more Vigor rolls they fail, the stronger the hold the disease has on them. Typical Vigor roll modifiers are 0 to – 4.

# Failed Vigor Rolls Disease Strength
0 No Effect
1 Short Term, Debilitating
2 Long-Term Chronic, Minorly Debilitating:
3 Long-Term Chronic, Majorly Debilitating
4+ Short Term, Lethal


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