• The GM deals and Interlude Card for each Player. The Player picks one of their Characters and applies the card to them.
  • Relate something that happened in a recent session to an event in your hero’s past as guided by the Interlude Card you drew.
  • Work in details from your character back-story where possible and update your character sheet with these details.
  • The Character gets their choice of a 2 extra Bennies or to draw and play an extra Adventure Card in the next session.
  • Write them here

Table 1: Interlude Card Suit

Card Suit Theme Details
Clubs Tragedy Tell a tale of tragedy or misfortune from your hero’s past, featuring one of his Hindrances if possible. If the teller has a dark secret of some kind, hint strongly at it, drop clues, or otherwise give the rest of the group a glimpse into your hero’s dark side during your narrative.
Spades Victory Tell a tale about a great victory or personal triumph in your adventurer’s past. How did it affect him afterward? Was there a reward?
Hearts Love Tell a tale of from the hero’s past of great love – lost, found, or waiting on him back home. What is his/her name? Where does she live? Why is the traveler not with his/her now?
Diamonds Desire Tell a tale about something your hero wants (or already has). It might be a material possession, recognition, a political goal, or even a trip he wishes to take to some amazing destination.

Table 2: Interlude Card Value

Card Value Theme Details
2 Trouble Tell a tale of something really bad that happened in your past. You were ambushed by enemies, stalked by a monster; your village was sacked, or lost your way. Describe the scene and tell a story relating these events in your own past.
3 Horror Tell a tale from your past where you came face to face with the nature of chaos. How did you know? How did you feel? What did you do? Describe the scene in detail and how you navigated it.
4 Obstacle Tell a tale from your past of an extremely difficult obstacle that barred your way. Describe the obstacle in some detail and how you negotiated it.
5-6 Injury Tell a tale from your past of when you suffered a grievous injury of some sort. Explain how it happened and how you recovered, working in something about your character’s back-story.
7-8 Trial Tell a tale from your past where you experienced an event that was particularly grueling, exhausting, or mentally draining for your hero.
9 Divine Tell a tale from your past where you have been touched by the hand of your god or element, experienced something that could only have come from a higher power, or had a prayer answered in a way that shows that the gods are aware of you.
10 Wonder Tell a tale from your past where somewhere in your life you were witness to a glorious vista, ancient wonder, sun-dappled forest, or other thing of beauty or mystery.
Jack Anecdote Tell a tale where something funny that happened recently reminds you of a funny (or at least shocking) story from your own past.
Queen Memento You recently saw or found a trinket or item of some sort that reminds you of something in your past. Relate that tale to your companions. You may also keep the memento if you like.
King Boon Think of a favor, kindness or aid that someone recently granted you. Describe a similar or related event from your past including whom it was and why they granted you this boon. Think of a wandering healer, town watch that shows up to help, a noble that saved your village, etc.
Ace Treasure Think of something of significant value that you or your companions found recently. Describe a similar or related item from your past including what it was, how it was found, and any guardians or obstacles that had to be defeated to obtain it. Your uncle’s sword, your clan’s ceremonial weapon, your father’s knife, etc.
Joker Player’s Choice Choose any Interlude card you want and your reward is a 2 Bennies and draw and play an extra Adventure Card!


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