Treasure in Shadora


Blank Elementia (AKA God Rock or True Stone) may be used to store Sorcery or Divine spells.

For Sorcery, each point of Blank Elementia will hold 1 spell for casting later with no Arcane roll – of course a successful Arcane roll is required to store the spell in the first place. Using the “held” spell is a free action and always succeeds. User may roll for a Raise. Once the spell is used, the sorcerer needs to refill it, it does not regenerate and may be used to store different spells each time.

Once Elementia is used to store Divine Magic, it may no longer be used for storing Sorcery spells. Divine magic stored in Elementia will regenerate on its own without a temple once per day. Elementia will not hold spells from the Chaos Cults or Colleges.

Magic Crystals

When the sun rose in the sky for the first time and Shadora pulled back her great cloak, the first frost formed across the world and in a few places, Shadora’s power crystallized into powerful magical artifacts known as magic crystals. These crystals are mysterious and powerful and seek to bond with the owner on a psychic level. Thus, only one Magic crystal may be used at a time.

Stored Sorcery Spells

Wands, staves, rings, scrolls, and other magic items store a number of uses of a given spell with a Sorcery skill of d12. A TN 4 is needed to use one of these items and the user may suffer Sorcery Backlash. If the user’s Sorcery skill is higher than d12, they may use their own skill instead. The skill to create these items was lost with the Journeymen. These items cannot be recharged.

Sorcery Tomes

Tomes are enchanted books that store the knowledge of how to cast a particular sorcery spell. The Journeymen created many tomes and they are scattered about Shadora. Tomes teach the sorcerer a spell just like the New Power edge. The sorcerer must meet the spell’s prerequisites, spend an hour reading, and take into account the casting modifiers for colleges outside their own. Once the book is used, its pages go blank.

Divine Matrix

Sometimes the gods imbue a device once owned by a cult hero with their will or powers. A divine matrix stores uses of a particular spell or spells and may be recharged by taking it to the appropriate temple and leaving it for a day. If you are from an opposed cult, you may have to explain how you came into possession of one of their relics.

Dragon Pearl

All dragons and wyrms grow a large, egg shaped, pearl in their foreheads (dragons) or sternums (wyrms). These pearls are the soul of the creature and are the source of much of their power. They are virtually indestructible and are kingly treasures.

Dragons go through five stages of growth: Hatchling, Juvenile, Adult, Elder, and Ancient. Each stage lasts about 100 Shadoran years. The dragon pearl grows in power upon reaching each stage of the life cycle. The dragon pearl must be attuned and you may only be attuned to 1 pearl at a time. To attune a pearl the hero must make a successful Spirit roll after spending on day in quiet meditation. The TN for the Spirit roll increases with each stage beyond Hatchling. Attunement may be attempted once per week.

These pearls are said to bestow great power at great cost. Dragon pearl bearers are known for odd quirks, extreme passions and obsessive behaviors.


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