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Air Rune

The University of Elemental Air

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Spells Common to All Colleges Within the University of Air

Wind Wall See Barrier. Turbulent wind to blows from the wall in one direction, -1 to attacks against the wind ( -2 on Raise), Passing through requires Strength roll (-2 on Raise) or knocked prone.

Thunder Ball See Blast. In addition to damage, targets that are Shaken or Wounded are also at -2 for all hearing based Notice rolls for 5 minutes. Adjacent must make Vigor (-2 on Raise) or Shaken.

Lightning Bolt See Bolt. Damage ignores metal armor. May arc to adjacent targets for 1 die less damage, friend or foe, 2 on d6 (4 on d6 on Raise)

Shock Weapon See Smite. Causes muscle spasms if shaken or wounded; the target has to make a Vigor roll or be at – 2 Parry until his next action.

Wind Shield – See Armor. + 2 additional Armor vs. Missiles ( + 4 on Raise); + 1 Arcane Resist vs. Earth and Darkness ( + 2 on Raise)

College of Passion (Spellsingers)

( Maroon stripe at hem, cuff and collar )

Fatigue (P:3, Smartsx2, D:instant) Targets must make a Vigor roll (-2 on a raise) opposed by casters Sorcery Skill. Failure causes 1 Fatigue

Emote (P:2, Smartsx2, D:3 (1/r)) Target experiences a wave of the emotion chosen by the caster. Here are the typical variations. Work with the GM to create more.

  1. Joy: + 1 to unShake, Raise grants a +1 on Soak rolls as well* *
  2. Sadness: Sorcery vs. Spirit or be Demoralized as per Possession spell
  3. Trust: + 1 Reaction level, + 2 on a Raise; + 2 Persuasion, + 4 on a Raise
  4. Distrust: – 1 Reaction level, – 2 on a Raise; – 2 Persuasion, – 4 on a Raise
  5. Fear: Sorcery vs. Spirit or be Intimidated
  6. Anger: Sorcery vs. Smarts or be Taunted
  7. Surprise: Sorcery vs. Smarts or be Tricked
  8. Anticipation: + 2 Notice when checking for Surprise

Slumber See Slumber in FC. Using an Instrument extends this spell to a Large Burst template.

Endurance (P:3, R:Smartsx2, D: 3(1/r)) Target ignores the effect of 1 FAT and 1 Wound. Two on a raise

Confusion See Confusion

Courage (P:3, Smartsx2, 3 1/r) Target gains +1 Fighting, Toughness, and Spirit rolls. +2 on Raise

Beast Friend See Beast Friend

Panic (P:3, R:Smartsx2, D:Instant,) Target must make a Spirit roll (at -2 on a raise) opposed by casters Sorcery skill or immediately moves his full Pace plus running die away from the caster and is Shaken.

Spell Singers

Sorcerers in the College of Passion use music to cast their spells and are called Spellsingers. A Spellsinger’s unique trait is the ability to create or draw out specific emotions or reactions in those that hear them perform. They thrill, sadden, inspire, enrage, frighten, and confuse their audiences. A Spellsinger casts spells by singing and arm motions as normal wizards, but if they use a musical instrument the effects of the spell spreads to a small burst template. With a -2 Arcane modifier this effect can be extended to a Medium Burst and with a -4 modifier effect grows to a Large Burst template. If the spell normally has burst area effect, the template size is increased by one (max large) when using an instrument. As the Spellsinger is using their voice to project the spell, AOE spells have a range of 5/10/20". A spell singer must continue singing to maintain a spell. Blending songs is an art at which the master Spellsingers or Bards excel. The casting modifiers for maintained spells are doubled for a spell singer.

Spellsingers can only create an AOE for spells that are related to emotion. All other spells behave normally whether an instrument is used or not. Thus Spellsinging has no effect on attack spells like bolt, blast, and jet. Nor does it impact defensive or utility spells like Armor or Burrow.

Instruments must be readied like weapons so pulling out a flute and casting a spell would incur a MAP of -2. Instruments can also be fine/superb/masterwork and add to spell casting skill and effect. In this way a spell singer could get a bonus to spell casting rolls even when not using AOE just by using an instrument. A Spellsinger’s Arcane skill covers instrument use, care and maintenance. Most Spellsingers have Knowledge: Arts to signify music theory and let them pick up new tunes and playing styles. Also, some Repair skill is helpful if your instrument breaks or you have to use your drum as a shield.

A Spell Singer’s Sorcery skill may also be used simply to entertain instead of activating powers. In these cases, they can earn money for a performance. A successful skill roll per “set” (usually a couple of hours) nets them 1d6T for every 10 members of the audience, double this number with a raise. The performer may add Charisma to the roll when using the skill in this way. This assumes the audience can tip instead of a set fee. The audience may also tip with libations, livestock, and blind dates with their daughters, or local rumors that may lead to adventure, fortune, and glory.

Spellsingers are not without enemies in Shadora and the chaotic College of Discord is the antithesis of the College of Air.

Spell Singer Modifier Summary

  1. AOE Range (5"/10"/20") Arcane skill modifiers = 0/-2/-4
  2. Small/Medium/Large Burst Template Arcane skill modifiers = 0/-2/-4
  3. Per AOE Spell Maintained = -2

College of Motion

( Plum stripe at hem, cuff and collar )

Wind Walk See Fly

Quickness See Quickness On a Raise target is Jazzed and add +2 to Pace and on a raise increase Agility one die type for the duration of the power.

Speed See Speed Can shock a target out of their distraction on a raise, providing an immediate free roll to recover from being Shaken.

Mage Gate See Teleport

Animation (P:3-10, R:Smartsx2, D:3 1/r) The character can animate objects and cause them to come to life. The size of the object depends on the number of points put into the power, as shown below. Caster can animate one object up to the size allowed by the power points spent. Multiple objects may be animated from lesser categories of this power. A caster using 6PP animation could give life to two 25 lb objects, or three 10 lbs objects. See the object’s statistics below. Pace is figured as if the object “walked” based on its likely height and stride. Vehicles or other objects with inherent locomotion move at their normal Pace.

Points Object Wt. (lbs) Strength Size Pace
3 10 d4 -2 4
5 25 d6 -1 4
6 50 d8 0 6
7 100 d10 +1 6
8 250 d12 +2 8
9 500 d12+1 +3 8
10 1000 d12+2 +4 10

Animated Object
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4(A), Spirit d4, Strength (see table), Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d4, Throwing d4
Pace: (see table); Parry: 5; Toughness: 6 + (Armor = Size)
Armor: Animated objects generally have armor equal to their Size.
Construct: + 2 to recover from being Shaken; no additional damage from called shots; piercing attacks do half damage; immune to disease and poison.

College of Storms

( Purple stripe at hem, cuff and collar )

Havoc See Havoc Has Deafen Sound Trapping: A raise with the power (or a Shaken or better from damage) results in a – 2 penalty to hearing-based Notice rolls for the target for 5 minutes.

Stun see Stun

Smother (P: 3, R: Smarts, D:3 2/r) Immediately forces the victim to make a Vigor roll or suffer a level of Fatigue from suffocation. Every round thereafter, the victim must make another such roll. This spell requires the casters full attention. No other actions, not even movement may be performed. See Drowning Hazard. If relieved of suffocating effects while still alive, a victim regains 1 Fatigue level per minute.

University of Air

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