On the tumbling, spinning, disc world of Shadora, priests, sorcerers, wise men,
mothers and fools all tell the story of creation as follows:

First were the Elements, who are forever
Next came the Giants and the Dragons, keepers of lore
Next came the Journeymen who lived, built, and departed
Next came the Gods, created in the Great Contest
Next came the Elder Races, constructed by the Gods in their own image
Next came Chaos, shadows of the Elder Races, warped by the winds of change
Next came the Chaos Gods, lords of the Void stripped of their element and driven mad
Next came Man, the servant race, forever to be enslaved and enthralled
Last came sorcery, from the Journeymen ruins, to set men free, to set men apart.

A Short History of Shadora

The Emergence: The Elements emerge, clash tremendously, and swear the Great Compact to share the disk.

The Journeyman Age: The Elements create the Journeymen, a race of immortals that thrive for more than 3000 years before mysteriously disappearing.

The Gods Age: The Elements create the Gods who in turn create both the Elder Races and Chaos over the course of the next 1500 years.

The Age of Chaos: The Chaos War rages for 800 years and the Elder Races form the Necessary Empire to fight Chaos together. They drive Chaos into the dark places of the disk as the Gods swear the Concordance to end the war and prevent direct intervention.

The First Age – Emancipation: The Elements create Man as a slave race and 200 years later they lay the curse of Time upon the disk. The Necessary Empire collapses after 600 years as a massive slave revolt and the associated internal strife cause the Elder Races to withdraw back into their traditional strongholds. The First Age ends in the year 420 AT.

The Second Age – Realm of Man: Emancia emerges as a new power and spends the next 200 years establishing its dominance as it spreads sorcery across the disk. The Second Age ends in the year 680AT.

The Third Age – The New Lazuri Empire: The Lazuri and their chaotic allies stormed out of the fire realm 50 years ago on a mission of conquest designed to bring all of the great cities of the disk under the banner of the New Empire.

Present Day: The Lazuri attack on the great city of Thenga Velu fails after a three year siege and the Lazuri empire appears to be licking its wounds content to shore up its gains and plan their next bloody conquest. They are digging in and the other races across the disk await their next move. Will the elder races unite out of necessity once again? Will the free sorcerers of Emancia enter the fight? The world stands at the edge of a precipice. The year is 751 AT.

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Shades of Shadora

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