Shades of Shadora

Breaking Free of the Temple of Wyverns

Trapped in the temple, the first concerns were to remain hidden.
Roku and Trish started moving the dead cultists up into the lava
tube. Prospero moved them along to the nest. As the second one
was moved to the nest the Wyvern near Trish took interest and
came up the passageway, Roku thinking quickly cast an invisibility
spell on Trish. Still something gave her away and it shouted out
an alarm that got the Cultists, Lazuri, and Wyvern’s moving in
our direction. Trish was quickly confronted by two cultists a
Lazuri and a the troublesome Wyvern. Trish slashed at the Wyvern
but it withstood her attack. Meanwhile Lasheur and Prospero tried
to time their entry into the battle to the most good. As cultists
started to move out of the barracks towards Trish they held their
Trish was soon in difficulty and Roku dropped down to assist
her. Lasheur opened fire and Prospero dropped into the barracks
and cast a spell and attacked a cultist. Lasheur fired some shots
at the cultists and then dropped into the barracks as well,
moving in a direction to aid Trish and Roku. Trish killed the
Wyvern and then concentrated on the very talented Lazuri,
with his massive shield and spells in place he was nearly impossible
to injure. The cultists pulled back and drew their bows and began
shooting at Trish. Meanwhile in the barracks the effort to reinforce
Trish and Roku became a pitched battle with two Wyverns and several
more cultists joining the fray. Lasheur broke free from an attacker
and was able to use his bow to good effect, Prospero continued his
melee with cultists but with his magic summoned four Earth Elements
who swept into the room like a wave smashing some foes and
immobilizing others. Trish summoned the power of her God and cast a
spell on her sword, with Roku’s aid they were able to overpower the
Luzuri and move to attack the archers. Prospero’s Gnomes where short
lived but having found a winning tactic he summoned more. Lasheur
made good use of his bow, Trish and Roku entered to help chase off
the remaining cultists.
Looking down a lava tube towards Rimward Prospero spied a Lava
lake with a dragon basking in it, atop the dragon was a Lazuri priest.
Once the barracks was clear the team started exchanging spells and
attacks, with no easy way to cross the lava a direct assault was
impossible. Finally the Lazuri Priest shouted out “Enough I will
finish you fools at the tower, you may control the temple but
without the summit it is for naught.” With that the Dragon reared
and with crashing and falling stone departed the temple area.
Roku with Trish began healing while Lashaur and Prospero began
searching the temple for an entrance. They found a spiral stair
leading upward for hundreds of steps, the pair could hear the
shuffling foot falls of retreating cultists. With a further search
they located what appeared to be an entrance but which was blocked
by the Lava lake. Rejoining the four went to the Lava lake and Roku
using his magical strength crated a bridge of shadow across the lava.
With tentative steps the party crossed into a once grand entryway,
now largely smashed by the passage of the dragon. Once clear of the
temple wardings Telpurr link with Simon was re-established and using
the Ring of Storms he arrived with Arghmon and Tenk. Using the
Journeyman staff Arghmon created a solid bridge across the Lava lake
and the team moved to the spiral stair that was now quite. They began
the long assent to the summit.


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