Shades of Shadora

Lair of the Zombie Lord

Zombie Lord Dresden falls under the assault

The warriors pursued the Zombie Lord around the last turn in the tunnel. His back was against the wall, but he was not out of tricks. Before the fighters could close on him, he conjured a pair of doom guards, demonic warriors in black plate. The doom guards conjured up a few minions that appeared amidst the party and the battle was on. The zombie lord revealed and gloated over his plan to bury the party with him and turn them into his undead slaves. Simon wasn’t impressed and he and Trish pressed the assault and destroyed the doom guards. The Zombie Lord drew a wands of earthquakes and collapsed the tunnel behind the party.

Wallac had just run back to check on Prospero as the tunnel collapsed behind him. The fighting had drawn Jarvus the Medic away from Prospero and as he made his way to the warriors, he found the ceiling falling on his head and had to sprint and dive for safety. Grimclaw and Windtorn finished off the demon spawn and went to help Simon and Trish put the zombie lord down. Together they made short work of him while suffering a few minor wounds. They were however completely trapped deep underground.

Meanwhile, Prospero and the scouts found themselves engaged with the remainder of the undead forces in the crypt. The ghouls and skeletons were no match for the mighty rains of stone and flying iron spikes that Prospero threw against them. One of the scouts fell and did not rise again. Prospero burrowed into the chamber of the trapped warriors and cast his burrow power upon them to get them to safety.

Discouraged by his inability to open Mnordren’s Tomb, Prospero set the party to searching the side crypts. The party split and found a number of empty crypts from which many of the mummies had come. They also found a large store of Journeyman treasures and artifacts.

One team ventured into a chamber that contained Mnordren’s Mount. It must have been a large dragon, but was now reduced to a mindless undead skeleton. The party crashed into it and destroyed it quickly. Trish collected a bunch of knuckle bones for a necklace. Trish also took the dragon’s saddle which was of amazing quality.

The party gathered what loot they could and fled the tunnels. The retreated back to their camp which they had left a few short hours ago. A watch was set up and the remainder of the party collapsed into their blankets for the much needed rest.


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