Shades of Shadora

Night Visitors

A band of ghouls out looking for fresh meat for their evil master.

You traveled the entire day, which was unseasonable hot, via the game trails in the Thicket. You stopped to water the horses often and to climb a tree and get your bearings. You journey is mostly uneventful and you notice that the thicket is much quieter than normal. Many of the game trails are starting to overgrow from disuse. First the bugs, and now the game. What is driving these creatures before it?

You settle in for the night along a shallow creek in the lee of a small hill with the horses picketed along a nearby grove of trees. Prospero and Arghmon notice that the mana flow in this area is higher than normal. After setting up a watch rotation, you stoke the fire and turn in.

The quiet of the night is broken on the second watch by the whining of the horses and you investigate to find a band of ghouls is making off with most of your horses! A skirmish ensues but the ghouls are more interested in the horses than wanting to stay and fight a bunch of armed warriors.

The ghouls make the river and succeed in making off with half of your horses. As you patch up your wounded and poisoned friends the Summerford scouts track your quarry to the ruin of an ancient tower about a mark spinward.

With the aid of the scouts your crept up on the guards and laid them low without them raising the alarm. A quick scout of the area showed a small tower and courtyard with only 1 obvious way in – the front door.

The Lir, Walac, effortlessly scampered up the side of the tower with the hope of of getting in via the roof, but soon found that he had agitated a huge nest of vile blood crows. Walac exited the tower in a rush as hordes of the fearsome birds poured down upon the party. Prospero blasted their nest and eliminated the threat. Windtorn and Trish decided that it was time to go berserk and charge in the front door. Trish led the way and ran into hand to hand combat with a strange hooded figure that reeked of death. She batter him mercilessly, but he stumbled close enough to the tower door for his allies inside to grab him and pull him inside – slamming and barring the door behind him. You mopped up the the ghouls in the courtyard and turn to find two bone gollems forming from two nearby bone piles. You easily dispatched using the strength of your numbers and then turned to address the problem of getting into the tower…


pelwer pelwer

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