Shades of Shadora

Preparing for War

Some of the thicket homesteaders have not come in to the safety of Summerford

  • Campaign Date: 1/13/7551, Season of Winds Rise, Growth Week, Dirt’s Day
  • Location: Tangle Thicket, Farm Region and Summerford
  • Time of Day: Late Afternoon (Hour of the Ox )
  • Weather: Cool, 65°, overcast, 15-20 mph wind.

Bone weary, you drag yourselves from the Wilds into the Farm region of the thicket. Small settlements dot this area and the homesteaders are all friendly and helpful. After asking directions you find yourselves on the trail to the Summerford Bridge. You can’t help but wonder what the Lazuri have planned for these poor farmers and homesteaders You decide that your first stop should be to discuss what you have learned about the enemy forces with Guard Captain Robart.

Discussions with Captain Robart revealed:
  • 2 Feathers came by earlier and Robart had to go into the thicket to talk with him as he would not enter the city
    • 2 Feathers assured him that the Yatahay would send warriors within the week after they had returned the Gardener to the elves.
    • 2 Feathers was also confident that the Gardener will convince the elves to send aid
    • With 2 Feathers help Robart’s scouts created a map to the last known location of the Lazuri camp
  • Robart is convinced that the Lazuri will strike soon while the dragon and the thicket are weak
  • Summerford is building a wooden palisade around the temple area
    • The Air Temple appears to be important to the Lazuri’s plans so Robart has posted guards
  • Summerford sent runners out into the Farm to gather the thicket settlers into the city proper
    • The town has erected tents and makeshift barracks for the homesteaders
    • There are still a few of the steads deeper in that are unaccounted for
  • Robart has called up the militia but it will take them a few days to assemble.
  • Robart plans to send his scouts to spy on the enemy camp and assess the force that the Lazuri plan to array against the city.
    • He is short handed and could use the PC’s help to scout.

The party agreed to help Robart out. They recharged a few matrices, did a little fruitless research on the Ring of Velu, paid their tab at the Adventures Guild where they spent the night, and then headed for the Summerford bridge to meet up with the scouts at first light.

There they were surprised to see that Robart had provided good horses and good companions. Windtorn the Wanderer and Jarvus the Medic had agreed to help the 4 scouts that Robart had rounded up. Robart handed Simon a pair of precious healing potions and asked if they could travel first to a small cluster of cabins deep in the thicket Farm that had not checked in yet. They agreed and set out in the early morning light.

  • Campaign Date: 1/14/7551, Season of Winds Rise, Growth Week, Light’s Day
  • Location: Tangle Thicket – Border of Farm and Wilds regions
  • Time of Day: Late Morning, hour of the Dove
  • Weather: Unseasonably hot, 80°, clear skies, no wind.

The party located the village after half a day’s travel and met with Garth, the village leader. They found out that the village had received the word to evacuate but did not think the situation serious enough to heed the warning. In the middle of a heated debate on the danger of staying put, a horde of giant insects exploded from the surrounding forest and erupted from a long dormant ruin on the edge of the village.

The party quickly dispatched the bugs and then had no trouble convincing the villagers to vacate. They sent one of the scouts along as an escort to make sure the dozen or so settlers made it to Summerford safely. Garth gratefully offer up his cabin to the party to bunk in for the night and they took him up on his offer. Windtorn wondered aloud at what could have driven the bugs from their homes.

While the group was preparing dinner, Prospero and Jarvus explored the village’s ruins. Prospero easily identified them as early Journeyman circa 1200 and had convinced himself that there was nothing to learn here when he noticed a glint in the newly disturbed earth. Some quick digging yielded a copper box containing 5 vials. Three had shattered over the centuries but two still remained intact. The dark liquid inside the surviving vials seemed to shift in color from green to blue to violet. Curiosity got the best of Prospero and he opened one vial for Jarvus to test for poison. After some quick taste analysis Jarvus said that it wasn’t poison and probably wouldn’t kill you to drink it – if indeed it was a potion…


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