Shades of Shadora

The assault's end

Susi hits Ashook with a few arrows before he manages to duck around a building and get out of sight. Susi returns to the warehouse to help the rest of the party. Susi’s first shots knock Tilda into Cobly, who is reeling from guard attacks. Colby is sent sprawling through a doorway. In this room was summoning circle,through which step two tigers. Colby stands ready to fight the tigers, but in short order they have knocked him unconscious.

The rest of the party manages to take down everyone else that was in the warehouse, aside from Ashook no one escapes. As Prospero enters the room Colby fell into he sees two giant cats tossing around Colby’s limp form.

The cats manage to take down one of his earth elementals before they are destroyed. A quick search of the warehouse turns up a few doses of healing potion which they use to revive Colby.

In addition they find scrolls of Nerves of Fire and Damage Field. Tilda’s staff has a divine matrix for fire weapon on it. Noss had a small key tied around his neck.

When the party moves through the rest of the warehouse they discover a large ritual circle that has been cut into the stone floor. The circle is covered in blood and surrounded by headless corpses. Chained in this room is Enger the missing herbalist. Noss’ key let them free Enger who quickly casts spells to heal himself and the party. He frantically tells the party that Vallas is a blood drinking demon, Ashook feeds Vallas nightly to maintain his hold. Enger also insists that the ritual circle be destroyed.

Brine drags a keg of gunpowder to the circle, then uses another keg to create a fuse leading outside which he lights. The explosion destroys the circle. Once the fiery roar dies down, they can hear a gong coming from the village square.


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