Two Feathers

Yatahay Brave


“You are all Yatahay, each of you a child of the great Tanglethicket. Your ancestors came here long ago after throwing of their overseers during the great emancipation.”

Two Feathers couldn’t help but smile as he walked past the the ancient shaman Brenn-Orm surrounded by a rapt circle of children hanging on his every word. Soon he would have to stop thinking of them as children. The Adjournment was but two season’s away and then they would be welcomed into the tribe as adults, free to marry and bear the tattoos of war when the tribe was threatened. It seemed that was becoming more likely with each passing day.

“I feel your smirk Two Feathers, even if I cannot see it.”

“How many times have you told that story,grandfather? It seems you never grow tired of it.”

“Nay it is not for me, but for the memory of one so hard of head and weak of mind that he could not even recite the litany of Shadora without stammering and much prompting. What was that brave’s name, ah yes, I believe he was called Two Feathers!”

Those gathered around the aged shaman tried to bite back their laughter unsuccessfully. Two Feather and Brenna smiled and laughed along with them.

“Come now children, recite the litany for poor Two Feathers lest he forget it once more.”

  • First were the Elements who are forever.
  • Next came the Giants and the Dragons, Enforcers and Teachers for the Elements.
  • Next came the Journeymen who learned, built, and departed.
  • Next came the Gods, created in the Great Contest.
  • Next came the Eldar Races, constructed by the Gods in their own image
  • Next came Chaos, formed from the scraps of the eldar races and warped by the Winds of Change.
  • Next came the Chaos Gods, who defended their warped ones, were stripped of their element and went mad.
  • Next came Man, the slave race, born to all elementals, born to serve the eldar races.
  • Next came Time, a child of all the elements, and all living things came to know death.
  • Next came the spirits of those who died and whispered the secrets of the magic of the soul any who would listen.
  • Last came the emancipation which freed men from bondage and allow him to stand as equals with the eldar races.

Two Feather’s smiled warmly, “Very good all of you – now I am off to go catch some fish!” he made his way down to the lake thinking about his own initiation and life in the tribe. He had grown up in this village, as had his ancestors Their names and deeds are carved on the great totem poles along the lodge house and he had read them often. He had played hide and seek as a child in the great thicket, fell in and out of love with the village girls, tormented the elves of Woodfort, hunted with the great men of the lodgehouse and and swam in the tributaries of the great Warm river.

As he grew, he took on more of the village chores and rode the great canoes loaded with the berry crop down the river to the outskirts of the great city of Thenga-Velu. He had never entered the great city of power, but was always enchanted by it’s sweeping spires and impossibly high walls. Even from many marks away, it both had both awed and terrified him. How could men build such things? The merchants you traded with called you barbarians or savages when they thought you were out of earshot. The names offended you, but you held your tongue, bartered for needed supplies, and took the rest of your profits in silver talons.

He shook his head to clear away his nostalgic musings. He had work to do. These days he worried most about the war that was being fought in the borderlands far away spunward. The Lazuri had struck without warning from land, air and sea. They had poured out of the lava lands and swept across the foothills of the Stonerims. In a well coordinated attack, their ships and dragons were said to have also stormed the city of Thenga Velu.

Two Feathers had considered leading a band a braves across the mountains to fight along the border, but Brenna Orm had forbid it saying that it was not our fight. Brenna was wise, but Two Feathers worried that if the Yatahay did not go to war, war would find the Yatahay.

Two Feathers slid his canoe into the morning mists of the deep blue lake lost in thought.

Two Feathers

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