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  • ∞ Finnbjorn Ironstone

    h3. More flesh and formatting to come

    From Norrmar
    Has been extremely stubborn his whole life. Wants to learn on his own rather than be taught.
    As a child, stayed in his quarters taking apart mechanical devices to see how they worked and if  … 

  • ∞ Colbin Jackert

    Colbin was the only child of an influential Lir familyin the town of Nyca on the foothills of the Stonerim Mountains. The family had done well as merchants and traders and were prominent figures in their town. A religious sect had moved into the …

  • ∞ Kabuto Kerberos

    Kerberos was a traveller, which is odd for a Xern. This led him to be something of spectacle, attracting the attention of a troupe of mummers. Here Kabuto learned about Guha and Juggling; because, no one wanted to talk to the gregarious xern they just …

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