Aguala the Changeling

Water Rune Fertility Rune Eldar Rune ( Back )

Title: Goddess of Ocean Life, Mother of Agualans, Wisdom of the Deep

Aspects: Sea, Water, Sailors

Runic Triad: Water, Fertility, and Eldar

Priesthood: Priests are called xxx, Lords are called xxx.

Herald: A Talking Porpoise.

Temples and Places of Power: Floating Sea Temples, Deep sea shrines

Duties: Protect agualans. Protect and aid the sea and all sea life creatures.


  • Minor: Failure to offer reasonable assistance to an agualan; not eating salt once a week, allowing a water creature to be harmed except for food, not drinking your share of water each day; unknowingly polluting the sea
  • Major: Refusing to take reasonable action against those that threaten an agualan community; killing a water creature except for food; knowingly polluting the sea
  • Mortal: Taking action that intentionally betrays an agualan or harms an agualan community; actively or knowingly allow water to be poisoned or tainted. burying someone in the earth.

Mythos: Stories of the deities deeds from history.

Cult Divine Magic

Breathe (N*) Cast on air or water-breathers, to allow them to breathe as if in its own element while in the other. Affects an MBT on a Raise.

Sea Strength (N) Adds +4 to the target’s Strength die. ( +6 on a Raise) The target must be in contact with sea water, the Warm River, or the Sundered Sea when the spell is cast.

Morph (N) This spell allows a non-agualan caster to change his shape into that of his tribe’s totem animal. ( shark, orca, dolphin, manta ray, or eel ) for 1 action See Shape Change Spell

Call Monster (L) (D: Special) This spell summons a deep-sea creature or group of creatures in 2d100 hours to arrive. It is compelled to swim to the summoning location before it can undertake actions of its own volition (besides battling obvious opposition to its course of movement).
The creature does not arrive under the control of the summoner.

Heal Body (L) See Xarandar

Analyze Magic (N) See Garathis

Clairvoyance (N) See Garathis

Desiccate (N) See Bolt in SWD. 1 Bolt, 4d6, If wounded or Shaken, take a Fatigue as well.

Divine Spells from Associated Cults

Reflection See Kasharos

Float See Demelna

Wind Words See Guha

Dark See See Mawl


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