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Title: Goddess of Ocean Life, Mother of Agualans, Wisdom of the Deep, Purification

Aspects: Sea, Water, Sailors

Runic Triad: Water, Fertility, and Eldar

Priesthood: Priests are called xxx, Lords are called xxx.

Herald: A Talking Porpoise.

Duties: Protect agualans. Protect and aid the sea and all sea life creatures.


  • Minor: Failure to offer reasonable assistance to an elf; not eating salt once a week, allowing a water creature to be harmed except for food, not drinking your share of water each day; unknowingly polluting the sea
  • Major: Refusing to take reasonable action against those that threaten an agualan community; killing a water creature except for food; knowingly polluting the sea
  • Mortal: Taking action that intentionally betrays an agualan or harms an agualan community; actively or knowingly allow water to be poisoned or tainted. burying someone in the earth.

Mythos: Stories of the deities deeds from history.


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