Sorcery Cantrips

Cantrips are the magic spells learned and used by apprentice mages during their long, rigorous, and tedious training. Cantrips are simple spells of no great effect. This list is built from the work of By Bill ‘JB’ Littlefield.

This cantrip allows the caster to permanently inscribe his personal mark on any single object he touches. The mark is only visible to the caster unless he chooses otherwise. Casting detect arcana will reveal a concealed arcane mark, while dispel will permanently remove it.

This cantrip summons a small swarm of normal bees. The bees appear next to the target, needless to say they are angry and will attempt to sting the target! The target suffers a –1 modifier to all actions for the remainder of the round, after which time the bees simply fly off.

This cantrip causes the target to emit a single loud belch, yawn, or giggle. Treat the target as having a –2 Charisma modifier to all within hearing for one round.

This cantrip causes the target’s eyes to blink uncontrollably for one round—all actions during the round are at –1.

This cantrip summons a small globe of glowing blue light that floats around his head. The light has an eerie appearance when viewed from a distance and provides light sufficient to read by in an area equal to a small burst template. The light does not cast reflections beyond the area of effect and does not affect Infravision (or other types of vision) in any way. The globe is static unless cast on an object. Its effect lasts for one turn.

By means of this cantrip the caster can alter the appearance of one non-living object (man-sized or smaller) to appear as something else. Thus, a piece of parchment may be made to look like a colored square of cloth or a sword may appear as a simple walking stick. The cantrip will not increase or decrease size or volume. The effect lasts for one round.

This cantrip affects one cubic foot of non-living liquid or solid matter which the caster touches to instantly become about 40 degees cooler (or hotter) than it was. The material returns to room temperature within 10 minutes.

Clean allows the caster to remove heavy soil, dirt, and like foreign objects from floors, walls, dishes, windows, etc. All the surfaces of a like type (e.g., all floors or all windows) may be cleaned in a single casting. Dirty simply sullies all surfaces within range.

This cantrip allows the caster to restore faded hues or to tinge the target with a different hue. A single bolt of cloth or set of clothing may be affected. Only non-living items may be targeted, and the effect lasts for 10 minutes.

Dampen permeates an area of up to one cubic yard with a fog-like dampness that leaves all material within it damp to the touch for the next 10 minutes. Dry instantly removes moisture from a similar area.

Distract causes a single target within range to look at a specific area of his choosing. This cantrip is useful for slipping by guards, distracting a crowd, or otherwise diverting attention away from the caster. The effect lasts until the end of the round in which the cantrip was cast.

This cantrip causes a single jet of normal flame (about 1” in length) to shoot from the caster’s finger (think cigarette lighter). The effect last for but a second; however, the flame will ignite combustible material.

This cantrip allows the caster to permanently change, for good or bad, the taste of a single serving of food which he touches. The wholesomeness and quality is unaffected— only the perceived taste.

Freshen will bring new life or freshness to the object touched by the caster. The magic can be applied to food and drink items as well as cut flowers, vegetables, and herbs. It will improve a slight taint of spoilage, restore drooping flowers, and so on. The target must be of relatively small size—a cask of liquid, a side of beef, a small garden, etc. Curdle is the reverse form of the cantrip and may be used on food and drink items. Wilt is only effective against vegetable matter. The effects are permanent.

Each casting of gather allows the caster to gather multiple objects of a single type into a pile. Spill will scatter all items within the area of effect into a jumbled mess—since the containers the objects are stored in are actually tipped over, they may not be larger than a gallon (liquid) or weigh more than 5 pounds (solid).

This cantrip allows the caster to create an auditory illusion. Any sound, other than a specific voice, the caster is familiar with can be recreated.

This cantrip will reveal the direction of Emancia (Coreward) to the caster.

This cantrip causes hair, fur or fur-like growth (such as that on a peach) to increase and lengthen by up to 6”. The effect is permanent and the hair or fur must be cut to restore its former length. Shave will shorten such growth by up to 6”. Such growth will return to its former length naturally.

This cantrip causes the target to feel drowsy. The game effect is a –2 modifier on all Notice rolls. If a dangerous situation grabs the target’s attention then the effects of the cantrip are negated; otherwise, the effect lasts until the end of the round in which the cantrip was cast.

This cantrip allows the caster to make minor repairs to simple objects he handles. Thus, a torn piece of parchment or a broken bottle could be made whole again; a broken wheel on a child’s toy could be repaired, or a cracked mirror made functional. The GM is the final arbiter of what can be repaired with mend and what requires the use of the Repair skill. All of a broken object’s pieces must be present for this cantrip to be effective. The effect is permanent, although the object may be broken again.

This cantrip allows the caster to pass a message of up to 10 words to a target within range. The message is delivered as a faint whisper in the target’s ear.

When this cantrip is used, the caster magically smoothes, and brings a luster to material—such as wood, metal, stone, leather, or ceramic—which he handles. Tarnish and rust may be removed. A single object, such as a pair of boots, a floor, an armoire, or a suit of leather armor, may be affected. Tarnish has the opposite effect. The effect is permanent, but such objects may be cleaned or tarnished by non-arcane means.

This cantrip causes a small puff of smoke of the desired color to appear anywhere within range. The smoke puff is of sufficient size to envelop the head of a normal human, and imposes a –2 modifier on Notice rolls.

This cantrip allows the caster to cause the object of the magic—thread, string, cord, or rope—to tightly knot itself to its other end, the end of a similar object, or a specific object such as a pole or tree limb. Each casting allows a single knot, of the caster’s choice, to be created. Untie will cause any single knot within range to come undone. Tangle causes all like objects to become tangled in a jumbled mess that will require 2d6 minutes to untangle. Unravel will reverse the effects of tangle.

This cantrip allows the caster to envelop an area equal to a medium burst template with an odor of his choosing. The odor may be any with which the caster is familiar.


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