The Nature of Chaos

Chaos embodies the principle of possibility unfettered by rules. The effects of Chaos can be beautiful, but if left unchecked, they become too disruptive for life. Ironically, a realm controlled by Chaos becomes stagnant: the state of constant change lacks meaning and eventually all possibilities are exhausted. It is typical of Chaos to be at war with itself.

In Shadora, the Chaos Gods behave in an anarchistic manner and rarely join forces with each other. They often appear as enormous formless chaos elementals or gigantic warped caricatures of their worshiping races. At their worst, they deliberately inflict pain and suffering on the mortal races for amusement. At their best, they are aloof and indifferent to the harmful effects of their chaotic natures and creations.

The Chaos Gods are insane and they breed madness like a rotting corpse breeds flies. Chaotic sorcerers often gain power by entering into mind warping, diabolical pacts with Elemental Chaos. Mortal beings that ally with Chaos gradually have their minds unhinged as their bodies slowly become misshapen or corrupt.

The Chaos Gods are restricted from acting directly against mortal races, and must instead act through intermediaries. Similar limitations are placed upon the Gods of Law, but they get around it via divine intervention. Chaos is also restricted in its ability to escape the plane of the Void, which is a plane removed from the elemental court, underdisk, the overdisk, or the spirit plane. Chaos can only escape the void when it is summoned and when the structure between the planes of the void and the target plane are weakened. This occurs when divine intervention is performed by the Gods of Law on one of those planes. The act of providing divine assistance to their intermediaries upsets the balance and creates a weakness that a chaotic sorcerer or priest can exploit to summon or conjure a servant of the void.

These servants will manifest themselves in one of two forms: A Nihility, essentially a Chaos Elemental, is pure chaos stuff, swirling, constantly changing, multicolored matter with the power to melt and twist anything with which it comes in contact, including living flesh. Mortals find the sight of a Nihility disturbing and sometimes maddening. The other form is the Chaotic Horror. This chaotic abomination takes the form of a chaotic creature ( hobgoblin, man, undead, kur, etc ) that has been massively warped by chaos. Horrors are usually armed with powerful and terrible weapons that will eventually corrupt and twist the mind of any sane user.

Adventurers in Shadora, whether cultists, ancestor worshipers or sorcerers, are aware of chaos. Everyone has an uncle or aunt that fought chaos in some great battle and returned home, never quite the same after the event. Shadora is a world of high action where adventurers are prepared to handle most physical and magical threats but the greater dangers posed by Chaos itself can be perilous and will determinedly work away at an unprepared character’s psyche, whittling it away bit by bit.


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