Dagaral the Hunter

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Title: Great Hunter, Hearth Guardian, Grandfather Spirit, Provider, Master of Beasts

Aspects: Hunters, Hearth and Home Guardian, Provider, Beasts, Ancestor Spirits, Nature,

Runic Triad: Earth, Spirit and Beast

Priesthood: Priests are called Spiritmasters, Lords are called Hearthguards.

Herald: An over-sized, perfect version of the tribe’s totem animal that speaks.

Temples and Places of Power: Forest Glades and Clearings, Butcher Shop, Circus, Menagerie, Animal Trainers

Duties: Protect the veneration of the community’s ancestors, as well as repositories of historical knowledge related to the community’s ancestors. Protect all animal life against unnecessary slaughter, particularly by sentient beings. Protect all who dwell within or support your tribe.


  • Minor: Failing to maintain proper veneration for the tribe’s ancestors; Participating in the unnecessary slaughter of an individual animal; allowing acts of cruelty against defenseless animals, mistreating an animal, wearing fur from a beast that did not die of natural causes; Failure to preserve the history of the tribe or teach it to the youth; refusing to do
    sentry duty when you are not tired, allowing other sentries on your watch to fall asleep, letting someone get the Drop on you;
  • Major: Failure to pursue opportunities that promise to reveal lost knowledge of events surrounding famous ancestors who disappeared or perished mysteriously; Unknowingly acting in a manner that threatens one or more animal species in the local area, knowingly refusing to take action against threats to one or more animal species in the local area; hunting for sport
    or cruelty, torturing wild animals; Refusing to punish those that threaten or perform great harm to the tribe; allowing someone or something to slip past you on sentry duty, being caught in an ambush;
  • Mortal: Actively destroying or hiding the works and deeds of the community’s ancestors, actively degrading the community’s ancestors. Acting in a manner that seriously harms an endangered species as a whole, possibly destroying it entirely. Willfully destroying an animals natural habitat e.g. burning a forest or other natural area. Threatening or performing great harm to the community. Falling sleep on sentry duty.

Mythos: Stories of the deities deeds from history.

Cult Divine Magic

Sure Shot (N, Touch) See Kilwin

Transform (N, Touch) See Shape Change SWD. This spell turns the target’s body into that of the totem animal.

Speak to Beast (N, Touch) Allows caster to speak with beasts. Use normal reaction roll to determine how cooperative they are. Totem animals are always friendly. A Raise gives a +2 on the Reaction roll.

Earth Power (L, touch) Bestows the Mighty Blow and Dead Shot Edges on friendlies in a SBT centered on the caster, MBT on a Raise.

Totem Attribute (N, Touch) Bestows d10 in the attribute (d12 on Raise) associated with the totem animal. E.g. Strength for Bear, Spirit for Owl, Smarts for Fox, etc.

Totem Skill (N, Touch) Bestows d10 in skill (d12 on Raise) associated with totem animal. E.g. Intimidate for Bear, Notice for Owl, etc.

Call Totem Beast (L, Touch) Calls all the totem animals within Spirit Marks (x2 on Raise) of the caster. Beasts will aid the caster in any way that does not violate their natural instincts and will follow simple commands.

Shield of Dagaral (N, Touch) As per Shield common spell, but also provides Psionic protection and resistance.

Beast Friend (N) see Beast Friend SWD

Far Sight (N) see Far Sight SWD

Sun Bright See Bandar

Divine Spells from Associated Cults

Rapid Growth See Peral

Comfort Song See Xarandar

Dark See See Mawl

Rapid Growth See Peral


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